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EON17-SLX Kaby EON17-SLX Kaby


Everything about the EON17-SLX KABY is fantastic and I couldn't ask for anything else. Origin has provided me with a device that I've dreamt of having. With every use, I notice something different that's just fantastic. BUY WITH COLOR CALIBRATION. Color Calibration may not seem like a big deal BUT IT IS. I could not even imagine it without the color calibration. Absolutely beautiful on the 4K screen.

— smcrae97 , 02/23/2017


A gift from the Gods!

I'm currently living in a deployed location. Ordering things and having them sent here usually takes around 2 weeks to receive.I decided to get myself a gift this year and went to Origin PC. 5 Days later I had a box delivered directly from the Gods. This laptop was superbly built. This thing is so fast, it does things before I even know I want to do them.

— Moosheep , 02/22/2017


Nice computer and good service, too!

I needed a replacement computer for my old desktop that finally bit the dust. Origin's products have a good reputation, so, after looking around a bit, I placed my order for a custom-built Millenium. Origin responded promptly with a verification of my order and an estimated shipping date. The order was finished a couple of days early, and I was notified when it shipped. My computer was shipped in a wooden crate, the sturdiest thing I have ever seen! It was also one of the heaviest, so if you go this route it would help to recruit some "muscle" to help take delivery. Their online video instructions for uncrating the shipment is very helpful. The computer itself is attractive and extremely sturdy. I had one issue out of the box. Two of the four USB ports on the front panel were DOA. I contacted Origin's Tech Support and received a reply the same day, directing me to inspect the site on the motherboard where the USB cable plugged in. Indeed, it had come loose during shipping, and I was back in business within seconds. Accompanying documentation included a quick-start guide and a User Guide, which deals mostly with assembling the computer from component parts. What I didn't see was an explanation of the preinstalled utilities. They are quite useful for monitoring and tweaking system performance, but I had to learn by playing with them. Bottom line? This is a very solid computer that delivers its promised performance, and the folks at Origin PC are easy to deal with.

— brucesmall73 , 02/19/2017


WOW I'm impressed!

When I was deciding what laptop to get for myself I looked through many companies. I was looking for a gaming style laptop that would also be able to do video editing. I looked through all the basic companies and what they had then found Origin. When I looked through their computers I was blown away at the selection and the parts they used inside the laptops were top notch! I decided to order the EVO15S. I couldn't wait to get it! Once it finally arrived and I opened up the package their was a free t-shirt and a free poster. The best part was underneath. The laptop came in a very nice Origin sleeve and when I took out the laptop I was amazed at the quality! It was beautiful, I wasn't expecting that well made of a laptop but this blew me away. I think they use aluminum and it was black in color. Opening the laptop an turning it on, it took about 5 seconds and I was at the home screen. The buttons on the keyboard feel great to push and the mouse pad is just as amazing to use! I love that they provide 24/7 support if I ever need it and a long time for parts and repair if something ever happens. I will definitely be recommending Origin to my friends and co workers. Even if your not a gamer it is a great laptop to video edit on or do photo editing. Over all this is an amazing laptop. Thank you Origin!

— Timofey_karas , 02/17/2017


What a nice computer!

The customer service was grand, the process of making the computer and shipping it was surprisingly expedient, and the machine itself is magnificent! I have no qualms so far about anything. Well done.

— Dwizard24 , 02/15/2017


OriginPC Support Team

I recently had a rash of dll issues and within 30 min of sending a help email to OriginPC, they were with me on the phone, walking me through the steps to reinstall and setup my custom PC. Top notch support and my computer was back up and running in no time. They are always available and very helpful and worth every penny I spent with them. I cannot recommend OriginPC enough to folks.

— mojo_mackay , 02/05/2017


Awesome PC-Custom Company

The computer (Millennium system) I bought from them is a beast. It runs great, no overhead issue, and the cable management done by Origin Tech is neat and awesome to look at. I bought their laptop EON 17 SLX 2.5 years ago, and it was a great laptop as well.

— ngobanhatminh , 01/29/2017


My Dream Machine became reality, Thank you Origin PC!!!

I have watched hundreds of videos on building pc's and researching other PC builders. It took months. I always found my self going back to Origin PC videos and website. I fell in love with the Millennium. I was close to getting the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition but my heart kept me coming back to the Origin Millennium. I finally decided on the Millennium and configured it the way I wanted it and made a change on the mother board in the process. Couldn't wait to get the machine like a child at Christmas. Couldn't be happier with there service. Much continued success to Origin PC and Thank you so much!

— mumguy , 01/26/2017


Good, so far...

With this review I hope to help people considering Origin and also to contribute to Origin PC's improvement: Quality / price (3/5): The ratio might not be very high, but hey, some of us are more concerned about quality than quality / price . I am very satisfied with the performance of my new Laptop. The only flaw I would say is the color calibration, I believe the monitor does not look very good but I think it should be easy to arange. (Quality: 5/5, this laptop is a beast) Reliability (5/5 so far): after spending 3.5k in a laptop, we definetily do not want to lose our money or have reliability issues. So far the system looks quite stable, temperature with GPU overclock never exceeds 81 C, and if I lock top games to maximum 60 fps at ultra settings the temperature may stay around 70 C. I got 2 years warranty and hope that I will never need to use it. Believe me, if my laptop fails I will be the first one to come and review here. This forum definetily made my mind about getting an Origin rather than a Sager, despite the very long wait. Order and delivery experience (3/5): although they do let you know that it will take long to deliver the computer, still I feel it is way too long and they should work to improve their delivery times. I got ground shipping and it took 3 weeks after spending that much money, to be able to finally enjoy the computer. I almost ordered sager due to their promise of delivering in less than a week vs 3 weeks for origin, but I had very few feedback on Sager's reliability and their reccord looked a little bit bad actually, when doing some research. Costumer service (4/5 so far): although they took time to contact me right after paying, they always responded within 12 "business hours" and were very polite. I think , if their delivery is going to take so long, that they should keep more informed to costumers as to what is going on with their order. Since I have got the quality I desired and my computer looks that is working just fine, I will give it a 5 stars, more like 4.6 but 4 seemed too harsh haha.

— davidrmm , 01/26/2017


Best video editing laptop

The best laptop I ever had First let me say That I do a lot of videos in 4k with my sony camera and the videos have this XAVC-S/AVCHD codec that is hard to handle for most computers (my old laptop was an asus i7 2.6 GHz with 16GB of RAM with an nvidia gtx 960 4gb) some people recommended me to create proxies in the editing process but it has the problem of disc space( I record like 250GB of video per week) and I also process a lot of time lapses in adobe after effects from RAW pictures, I also travel a lot, so a desktop computer is not an option for me When my new computer arrived, it exceeds all my expectations, it can easily handle my 4k videos, the audio is really superior and the 4k screen let me see even more information in my adobe premiere work space (it is really important because I have several videos and audios from 3 cameras and 6 audio channels in the timeline) My new laptop has the i7 4ghz processor, 64gb of ram, nvidia 1070 8gb, 500gb ssd and an intel dual wifi band (I really like it ´cause I used to have problems with my internet connection and now I can say it was because of the asus wifi hardware) For sure I will highly recommend this products Adrian Rivera Filmmaker

— Adrianfilmmaker , 01/13/2017