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Awesome PC-Custom Company

The computer (Millennium system) I bought from them is a beast. It runs great, no overhead issue, and the cable management done by Origin Tech is neat and awesome to look at. I bought their laptop EON 17 SLX 2.5 years ago, and it was a great laptop as well.

— ngobanhatminh , 01/29/2017

EON17-X Pro 9-Series EON17-X Pro 9-Series

They "revive" my laptop!

I made a fatal mistake overclocking my laptop. The computer was death. Blank. I called them and within a phone call and a mail they bring the machine back to life. EXCELLENT JOB!

— victorhugo360 , 01/28/2017

EON17-X 10 Series EON17-X 10 Series

Good, so far...

With this review I hope to help people considering Origin and also to contribute to Origin PC's improvement: Quality / price (3/5): The ratio might not be very high, but hey, some of us are more concerned about quality than quality / price . I am very satisfied with the performance of my new Laptop. The only flaw I would say is the color calibration, I believe the monitor does not look very good but I think it should be easy to arange. (Quality: 5/5, this laptop is a beast) Reliability (5/5 so far): after spending 3.5k in a laptop, we definetily do not want to lose our money or have reliability issues. So far the system looks quite stable, temperature with GPU overclock never exceeds 81 C, and if I lock top games to maximum 60 fps at ultra settings the temperature may stay around 70 C. I got 2 years warranty and hope that I will never need to use it. Believe me, if my laptop fails I will be the first one to come and review here. This forum definetily made my mind about getting an Origin rather than a Sager, despite the very long wait. Order and delivery experience (3/5): although they do let you know that it will take long to deliver the computer, still I feel it is way too long and they should work to improve their delivery times. I got ground shipping and it took 3 weeks after spending that much money, to be able to finally enjoy the computer. I almost ordered sager due to their promise of delivering in less than a week vs 3 weeks for origin, but I had very few feedback on Sager's reliability and their reccord looked a little bit bad actually, when doing some research. Costumer service (4/5 so far): although they took time to contact me right after paying, they always responded within 12 "business hours" and were very polite. I think , if their delivery is going to take so long, that they should keep more informed to costumers as to what is going on with their order. Since I have got the quality I desired and my computer looks that is working just fine, I will give it a 5 stars, more like 4.6 but 4 seemed too harsh haha.

— davidrmm , 01/26/2017


My Dream Machine became reality, Thank you Origin PC!!!

I have watched hundreds of videos on building pc's and researching other PC builders. It took months. I always found my self going back to Origin PC videos and website. I fell in love with the Millennium. I was close to getting the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition but my heart kept me coming back to the Origin Millennium. I finally decided on the Millennium and configured it the way I wanted it and made a change on the mother board in the process. Couldn't wait to get the machine like a child at Christmas. Couldn't be happier with there service. Much continued success to Origin PC and Thank you so much!

— mumguy , 01/26/2017

EON17-X 9-Series EON17-X 9-Series

Very satisfied customer

I had some problems with my laptop, was getting the blue screen of death. I ended up calling support and they helped me out with my problem, they were very professional about it, so I was pretty satisfied with the help the representative gave me.

— einhander13 , 01/17/2017

EON15-X 10-Series EON15-X 10-Series

Best video editing laptop

The best laptop I ever had First let me say That I do a lot of videos in 4k with my sony camera and the videos have this XAVC-S/AVCHD codec that is hard to handle for most computers (my old laptop was an asus i7 2.6 GHz with 16GB of RAM with an nvidia gtx 960 4gb) some people recommended me to create proxies in the editing process but it has the problem of disc space( I record like 250GB of video per week) and I also process a lot of time lapses in adobe after effects from RAW pictures, I also travel a lot, so a desktop computer is not an option for me When my new computer arrived, it exceeds all my expectations, it can easily handle my 4k videos, the audio is really superior and the 4k screen let me see even more information in my adobe premiere work space (it is really important because I have several videos and audios from 3 cameras and 6 audio channels in the timeline) My new laptop has the i7 4ghz processor, 64gb of ram, nvidia 1070 8gb, 500gb ssd and an intel dual wifi band (I really like it ´cause I used to have problems with my internet connection and now I can say it was because of the asus wifi hardware) For sure I will highly recommend this products Adrian Rivera Filmmaker

— Adrianfilmmaker , 01/13/2017


Excellent Product and Service

I recently ordered an origin pc and was greatly surprised when it arrived on schedule with all support testing and installation accomplished. I have ordered pc's from other companies in the past and had many delays and unfinished products delivered. Overall I would recommend Origin to anyone with PC needs and a deadline.

— Jaythir , 01/13/2017


Great PC

Ordered from Origin PC because I didn't feel like building my own computer. Overall great customer service that reached out to me when I ordered and after my order. Have had my PC for about a week, everything is working great! Will definitely buy again from them.

— b4s1lth3gr8 , 01/08/2017


Amazing Laptop

Great customer service and support. Fantastic laptop delivered ahead of schedule and exceeds all my expectations.

— pool101 , 01/06/2017

EON17-SLX Kaby EON17-SLX Kaby

Amazing Laptop

Great customer service and support. Fantastic laptop delivered ahead of schedule and exceeds all my expectations.

— pool101 , 01/06/2017