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"...As for the reasons for our satisfaction with Origin PC, as the acquisitions manager, I am tasked with some pretty strange configurations that involve stretching the limits of components like memory and processor power. I was very pleased that Origin PC has the customizability that I was looking for in the areas that our work requires. The pricing is also very reasonable (I may look into getting one for my own personal use!). A lot of our work requires processing speed and mobility and the laptop form-factor and the power combined are exactly what we need in the field and the lab.

It is a real pleasure to do business with your company as well, as expressed to me by our purchasing agent. She has told me that your customer service is no non-sense and very prompt and thorough, especially her experience with you in particular! The technicians and engineers in your company are also very knowledgeable in terms of component compatibility so that no power or capability is wasted in the systems. All in all, OriginPC is doing a great service for our research and development mission by providing a high quality product at a great value."

Austin Teague - Formulated Solutions

"This was not an easy solution for us to find, our application had very specific requirements, and normal servers would be way out of budget and still fall short. Our situation required us to find stability and performance within our budget, I spent weeks looking and building servers online and getting quotes and nothing came close to what we needed, even the out of budget options. We wanted the new intel 750s which were the only way to get the disk IO and stability we needed without a massive, and expensive RAID. As I told you on the phone I own a laptop from you all and had actually received it a month or so before contacting you. I was extremely pleased with it and thought I’d give it a shot. Not only were you reachable and quick to respond, it was honestly a pleasure speaking with you and your colleagues.

This application required something unorthodox and as we went through the process of designing it together and you acquiring the new and untested drives not once did I feel out of the loop. At the end of it all you gave us what we had actually thought impossible; exactly what we wanted and needed. Once it arrived I spent 3 days in the server room trying to break it. Prime95 small FFT for a full hour, every other torture test I could think of and not once did it falter. The server kept around 100C steady during that hour of an unrealistic and honestly cruel test for a CPU. Our IO on the 750s drives was beyond belief."

  • 3394 MB/s sequential Read and 1077 MB/s sequential write
  • 512k random: Read: 1314 MB/s and write: 1004 MB/s
  • 4k random: Read: 1519 MB/s and write: 1038 MB/s
  • 45 QD32 random: Read: 510.3 MB/s and write 420.6 MB/s

My supervisor and the VP of our department thought somehow the test results were totally hosed, and I thought I may have been staring at the screen so long I cooked my eyes and brain, but they were consistent and tests with other tools (this was diskmark) showed similar results.
It has been in production for weeks now with not a single hardware issue, in fact the only issues were that some of the software ran TOO fast and we had to make adjustments for it to handle the load brought on by it. You guys not only pulled off the impossible, but did it right on our budget.
So thank you all for your patience and skill, without a doubt Origin is going to be our first call the next time we need a server like no other.

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