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Are you a passionate PC gamer with a social media account, Twitch.TV channel, YouTube channel, or have a new website with PC gaming related content? Want an easy way to earn some cash by partnering up with the best custom PC system builder in the world? Well, ORIGIN PC’s Affiliate program via Commission Junction (CJ) is the perfect choice for you!



With your unique URL link provided by Commission Junction, you can easily track and earn commission on any ORIGIN PC system or Gearshop order referred by your channel or website! All commissions are determined by ORIGIN PC and will be offered to you once you complete the signup process to join as a CJ Publisher.

ORIGIN PC Commission Policy

When an Affiliate originates a sale of an ORIGIN PC system or an ORIGIN PC Branded Item on Gearshop, the Affiliate shall receive a commission on the net sales price. Net sales price is exclusive (not including) the following

  • Any/all shipping costs including tariffs and duties if it is an international order
  • Any/all taxes (VAT, sales tax), regardless of who pays the tax
  • Merchant Fees (3% if paid by Credit Card, 4% if paid by PayPal) (Merchant fees may be subject to change)
  • Any Promotions and other discounts not actually paid by the customer
  • All packaging costs
  • Any/all warranties

The resulting amount will then be multiplied by the commission percentage awarded by ORIGIN PC for each product to the Affiliate to produce the commission due.

Our program features a Standard Action Lifecycle, meaning all transactions generated within a calendar month can be updated until the 10th of the following month. The transaction will then move to Locked then Closed status. Payment is released around the 20th and 28th if your total Closed commissions exceed your Minimum Payout Amount.

No commissions are counted unless the customer clicks on the Affiliates Unique URL Link provided by CJ and ultimately converts into an actual sale at before 30 days after clicking the Unique Affiliates URL Link.

No Commissions are awarded on any canceled, non-paid, non-shipped, or refunded orders.

At any time, ORIGIN PC has the right to cancel or stop any or all commissions if any fraudulent transactions are occurring.



Signing up is easy. Just sign up as a publisher here. Within 24 hours, you’ll get a confirmation email and you can begin completing the Onboarding Checklist which includes:

  • Enter User Information
  • Complete Network Profile
  • Add Websites and Promotional Properties
  • Submit Tax Information
  • Submit Payment Information