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Choose your Workstation Laptop


The office is made to get work done but let’s be honest: it’s not always the ideal working environment for everyone. For many professionals, working from home or at the local coffee shop results in better productivity. And then are the professionals that need to stay connected at all times, jetting off across the globe. Think of the individuals that travel to exotic places shooting 4K video to use in the next jaw-dropping nature documentary. Or maybe an indie game developer who finds the inspiration for the next great visually stunning RPG by exploring different parts of the world. All of these mobile professionals require the power of a high performance laptop to get work done on the go.

At ORIGIN PC, we know that sometimes, groundbreaking ideas can strike at any moment. With our custom laptops, you’ll always have a powerful mobile solution to get work done no matter where you are. Shoot your exotic footage in a remote location and edit it without worrying your system is going to struggle when rendering. Bring your laptop to the studio with you and record tracks and create the next major chart topper with the reliability of crisp audio. All of our workstation laptops are built with industry-leading components to tackle virtually any heavy duty task.

We have several 15-inch and 17-inch high performance laptops available, all of which can be extensively customized to fit your project needs.