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Robeytech praises ORIGIN PC's quality and services.
Robeytech praises ORIGIN PC's quality and services.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Gamer and tech focused streamer, Robeytech, paid a recent visit to ORIGIN PC. Once he arrived, we showed him exactly what makes ORIGIN PC so special. Robeytech had a lot of good stuff to say and you can even watch his video to find out more.

Did you know that we log every PC that we ship out? In other words, we keep your system in our own records, including previous issues and upgrades. This even includes a profile of your system the moment it finishes and ships out from the warehouse. Every ORIGIN PC is tested, benchmarked, and documented before being sent in our reliable Wooden Crate Armor. Just to be safe, of course.

One other feature Robeytech called out was our "Evolve" Upgrade Service. With technological advancements always just around the corner, finding the right timing to build a PC can feel suffocating. That's why ORIGIN PC allows you to trade in your parts for an upgrade in return for their fair market value.

We even feature a line of Ready-To-Ship (RTS) systems, arguably some of the best prebuilt desktops out there. For those looking for an premium purchase without the wait, our RTS systems include much faster shipping times. Check out all of our systems at ORIGINPC.com and find out why we have the best gaming PCs on the market.

Wired.com features MILLENNIUM Best Gaming Desktop
Wired.com features MILLENNIUM Best Gaming Desktop

Friday, January 14, 2022

ORIGIN PC's MILLENNIUM was featured recently in yet another review. Wired.com included it in their list of Best Gaming Desktop PCs and for good reason. Their review highlighted the customization and quality the MILLENNIUM stands for.

The MILLENNIUM features an incredible selection of hardware to choose from. You can prepare it for generations to come. Load in the latest hardware like an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 or Intel Core i9-12900K processor. When building a system with us, you can pick and choose based on your own needs. For those that get lost trying to figure it all out, ORIGIN PC features our Gaming Desktop Advisor. It's an easy and effective Custom PC Builder where you answer a few questions and we recommend a build for you.

Know that when you choose ORIGIN PC, we strive for only the best from start to finish. This extends far beyond the PC itself. We keep a detailed log of all your system's details and keep them on record within our database. Any history including upgrades or issues are noted so our support team can best help you.

To learn more about our Gaming PCs, exceptional service, and even financing options, check out ORIGINPC.com

The Megadesk 2.0 - Masterpiece or Overkill?
The Megadesk 2.0 - Masterpiece or Overkill?

Friday, January 14, 2022

One desk to rule them all. Is it really a desk though? ORIGIN PC provided OVERKILL with the ultimate workstation, desk, and PC. An all-in-one package, that is. The Megadesk 2.0 came armed with two built-in PCs - one for gaming and one for creation. We included two capture cards as well, perfect for content creation. In terms of hardware, we tied it all together with an Intel i9-10850K processor and 12 terabytes of memory for each computer. With everything in one place, there's never a need for any other workstation.

That said, the Megadesk 2.0 focused not only on its performance, but also its aesthetic. For example, incorporating CORSAIR's iCue technology, the entire desk lights up with custom color settings. At the end of the day, the Megadesk 2.0 displays our revolutionary customization and performance. Also, it shows why ORIGIN PC creates the best custom PCs, desktops, and apparently desks as well.

Customize your own Next-Gen system at ORIGINPC.com. With your purchase, get lifetime US-based 24/7 service, 365 days a year from our reliable support team. Want to learn more about the Megadesk? Check out the video!

Lost finding a PC? Introducing the Gaming Desktop Advisor.
Lost finding a PC? Introducing the Gaming Desktop Advisor.

Friday, January 14, 2022

At ORIGIN PC, we're pleased to announce our Gaming Desktop Advisor Feature. If you've ever been confused while searching for the right PC, we got you covered. Our Gaming Desktop Advisor asks a few simple questions and pick out the best gaming PC for you. Whether you're looking to play on the highest resolutions, or looking for power in compact form, we have a system for you.

ORIGIN PC is the leader in custom-built PCs. That's why if the desktop we choose for you isn't perfect, you can still customize the components inside. Choose from hardware including an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU or an Intel Core i9-12900K Processor. We offer the best Gaming PC hardware for the best PCs on the market. Nothing is more important to us than performance, service, and customization.

If that's not enough, ORIGIN PC also offers Lifetime 24/7 US Based Customer Support 365 Days a Year. When you get your PC from us, we have you covered with our professional support team - the same people who build and test our systems.

SPY.com nominates MILLENNIUM Most Stylistic Gaming PC of 2022.
SPY.com nominates MILLENNIUM Most Stylistic Gaming PC of 2022.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM strikes the balance to include both a beautiful, minimalistic aesthetic and peak performance. That's why SPY.com recently nominated it as one of the Best Gaming PCs of 2022. Fully customizable, it easily passes as one of the best desktops on the market.

Pick from a variety of cases as well as internal hardware including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, Intel i9-12900K Processor, and more. SPY.com's review notes "the case let's you see through to the iCUE-powered RGB lighting and components inside. This model is extremely customizable... you can get up to a staggering 16TB of SSD storage space and 128GB of RAM."

The MILLENNIUM is an excellent, flexible purchase for enthusiasts. Check out ORIGINPC.com to customize your own.

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake available now!
Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake available now!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

With options like the Intel Core i5-12600K, i7-12700K, and i9-12900K, you can customize a Next-Gen PC with us. ORIGIN PC is proud to build systems using Intel's top line of processors.

Claimed by Intel as the "world's fastest gaming processor," the i9-12900K is the 16-core powerhouse behind any premier system. Compared to previous generations, the newest line of processors boast significantly improved speeds. It is the perfect addition to any desktop build for maximum performance.

Intel's latest processors incorporate an assortment of features. Notable ones are enhanced AI, performance hybrid architecture, and up to an 8K resolution display. Made for both the busy professional and hardcore gamer, Intel's 12th Generation of processors is here. You can even add one to an ORIGIN PC custom system to experience it yourself. The future is uncertain, but hardware like this is prepared for whatever it holds.

Whether you're looking for a massive upgrade, or a premium first-time build, let the pros at ORIGINPC.com handle it. You can also contact our sales team via e-mail or phone for any other questions.

ORIGIN PC Launches Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Deals
ORIGIN PC Launches Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Deals

Monday, November 22, 2021


Purchase Select Custom Systems and Pick Up To Two Bonuses:

  • FREE $50 Visa Rewards Card*
  • FREE CORSAIR K60 RGB Gaming Keyboard ($110 Value)*
  • FREE CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse ($50 value)*
  • FREE CORSAIR Void Pro RGB Elite Wireless Headset ($100 Value)*
  • FREE Elgato Stream Deck Mini ($80 Value)*

PLUS get FREE US Ground shipping and digital games!


  • FREE US Ground Shipping*
  • FREE Corsair K55 Keyboard*
  • FREE Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse*
  • FREE Void Pro RGB Elite Wireless Headset*
  • Digital copy of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy*

Invest Wisely and Get The Fastest High-Performing PCs
Invest Wisely and Get The Fastest High-Performing PCs

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Get up to $360 in value with select ORIGIN PC systems!

Purchase select laptops and get a $200 Visa Gift Card:

EVO16-S, NT-16, EVO17-S, NT-17 laptops with an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU or EON15-X or NS-15 laptops

Purchase select laptops and get a $100 Visa Gift Card:

EVO16-S, NT-16, EVO17-S, NT-17 laptops with an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU or EON15-X AMD, NS-15 AMD, EON17-X or NS-17 laptops.

Laptops also get free US ground shipping, free overclocking, and bonus digital games including Red Dead Redemption 2!

Purchase select desktops and get a $100 Visa Gift Card

Desktops also get free US ground shipping and bonus digital games!

Learn more: https://www.originpc.com/promotion/

The Highest Computational Power in an ORIGIN PC Laptop: EON15-X and NS-15
The Highest Computational Power in an ORIGIN PC Laptop: EON15-X and NS-15

Monday, April 6, 2020

ORIGIN PC announced the availability of the all-new EON15-X gaming laptop and NS-15 workstation laptop, both powered by AMD Ryzen desktop processors with up to 12 cores and 24 threads. With a new chassis now 20% thinner and lighter compared to the previous generation, the EON15-X delivers on power and mobility.

Learn more about the EON15-X: https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/eon15-x-amd/

Learn more about the NS-15: https://www.originpc.com/workstation/laptops/ns-15-amd/

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