EON17-SLX featuring LucidMVP Optimization Software

Introducing Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile

Available Now On All EON Laptops

ORIGIN PC Notebooks are equipped with the latest in iGPU and discrete graphics technologies. Until now, users were forced to choose between the low power iGPU for lighter graphic tasks or high performance power hungry discrete graphics when engaging in heavy graphics applications and gaming. While one graphics processor was in use, the other lay dormant.

Don't waste your hardware resources any longer and put the full potential of your ORIGIN PC to work with LucidLogix's Virtu MVP Mobile Edition Software. Virtu MVP allows games and applications to make use of both the iGPU and discrete graphics to bring you the ultimate gaming experience.


GPU Virtualization

The GPU Virtualization feature of Virtu MVP Mobile Edition assumes the job of choosing which GPU is best suited for the duty at hand. The software assigns tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource taking into account performance, power and feature considerations as opposed to switching only when a GPU load threshold is reached.


Every gamer knows higher frame rates are key to the optimum gaming experience. At ORIGIN PC, we build systems to take those frame rates to their limit and beyond. Why succumb to a software-limited 60FPS to avoid screen tear? Shatter the 60FPS cap screen-tear-free with Virtual-VSync and unbound visual quality and performance in your favorite games and graphics software. Virtual-VSync provides a near substantial increase in responsiveness when compared to standard Vsync. This is accomplished by running a virtual environment with two asymmetrical GPUs that keeps one GPU synced and free while the other GPU and CPU are left to run at their full potential. Frames are tear-free and synced while the stronger GPU and CPU are tasked only with producing frames and images as fast as they possibly can in turn producing frames faster and on time for every display refresh cycle.


A gamer's reaction time is only as good as how quickly the mouse click is recognized by the computer and transferred to the in-game action. HyperFormance resourcefully eliminates redundant rendering tasks from within the graphics pipeline to improve responsiveness and the overall game experience. As today's games become more and more resource demanding, GPUs and CPUs have become more powerful to meet these demands. Despite the evolution of hardware to support software, display refresh rates have remained relatively untouched at 60-75 Hz with the exception of 3D capable 120Hz displays. HyperFormance eliminates the need for redundant rendering tasks not applicable to the 60-75Hz displays and predicts potential synchronization issues in the graphics delivery pipeline. The result is better responsiveness overall game control.