Complete Your ORIGIN PC Experience with High-Quality Peripherals, Gear, and More.

Welcome to the ORIGIN PC Gearshop, where you can get high-quality accessories including keyboards, mice, monitors, power accessories, case extras, and more!

Like our powerful custom computers, the PC accessories offered in the Gearshop represent the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovation. Choose from desktop accessories, laptop accessories, peripherals, or ORIGIN PC apparel.

If you want to complete your ORIGIN PC experience, the Gearshop has what you need. Ranging from ORIGIN PC backpacks and cases, 144Hz 4K HDR PC displays, high-quality headsets, and ultra-responsive mouse options for gaming or professional work.

Whatever you need, ORIGIN PC is ready to provide several accessory and peripheral options for different situations. Our Gearshop will equip you with the best gear on the market to make you ready for what’s next.

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