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The Latest Gaming PC News, Offers, Announcements, and More From ORIGIN PC!

What is 4K Gaming and Why Does it Matter?

May 28, 2015 | By Hector

  The future of gaming is here, and it is in 4K resolution. First available to the public back in 2003 via digital cameras, this incredibly crisp resolution has begun taking the gaming world by storm, offering more pixels

What Reviewers Think About ORIGIN PC Custom Computers

May 28, 2015 | By Hector

As a team of dedicated gamers, engineers, and computer specialists, ORGIN PC takes immense pride in the consistently stellar Customer Testimonials about our state-of-the-art Custom Computers. Nothing motivates us more than giving users the ultimate computer experience, be it

Jump Into The Fast Lane With ORIGIN PC!

May 13, 2015 | By Hector

At ORIGIN PC, we offer the most cutting-edge Custom High-Performance PCs for gamers, by gamers. Our team combines the latest technology with the most deep-seated passion for games to provide the most impeccable computer experience – tailor made for

How ORIGIN PC Stands Out From The Competition

May 6, 2015 | By Hector

In the competitive world of Custom Computers, there is no shortage of options claiming to offer the ultimate gaming experience. But only one company has the background, technical skill, and rave reviews backing its wares: ORIGIN PC. ORIGIN PC

Are you a Hardcore PC Gamer?

August 27, 2013 | By Hector

Hardcore PC gamers are very much in to trying new games and this is the reason that they spend a lot of time in exploring new content. They are more interested about setting new benchmarks and competing with the

So you have a custom pc, what to do next?

August 15, 2013 | By Hector

Now that you have a custom PC, there are plenty of features and benefits that you will get from it. Once you have successfully built your customized PC on our site, there are plenty of options and features that