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ORIGIN PC NEURON Desktop Receives Editors’ Choice Award from PCMag.com!

July 9, 2020 | By Anthony

A high-powered NEURON desktop was recently reviewed by PCMag.com, and they awarded us with an Editors’ Choice award! The NEURON from the review features a CORSAIR iCUE 220T case, an Intel Core i9-10900KF processor, and an NVIDIA TITAN RTX graphics card! With all that high-end hardware, it’s no surprise that the NEURON rocked the gaming benchmarks in the review!

Here are some highlights from the review:

“Origin PC’s Neuron is a high-quality workstation or gaming mid-tower that offers plenty of hard-hitting configuration options in a clean design.”

“I give a nod to the Neuron for producing some of the best numbers we’ve seen from a single-GPU system in these games.”

“Origin PC’s Neuron is a well-rounded choice for a gaming mid-tower that can moonlight for workstation duties.”

“Well-built, relatively quiet, and a reasonably good value in its upper configurations, the Neuron snags our Editors’ Choice for a high-end mid-tower desktop.”

Thanks to PCMag.com for the review and feedback on our NEURON. You can learn more about the NEURON or customize your very own NEURON at ORIGINPC.com.

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