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New EON16-SX and NSX-16 laptops available now.

May 17, 2024 | By Anthony

Experience the latest in portable PC performance with ORIGIN PC’s new EON16-SX gaming laptop and NSX-16 workstation laptop. Whether you’re seeking a light-weight gaming escape or a fully portable, reliable workstation, the new laptops can meet your needs.

For gamers, the EON16-SX allows you to take high-performance gaming anywhere and enjoy gorgeous, high-quality graphics for your favorite games. An Intel Core Ultra 155H processor offers clock speeds up to 4.8Ghz and a built-in NPU provides AI-accelerated performance for video editing, multi-tasking and more. Designed for the Generation of AI, Intel Core Ultra processors also feature a built-in NPU and Intel AI Boost to increase efficiency and performance with AI-acceleration. Take advantage of new AI capabilities like real-time language translation, automation inference, and enhanced gaming environments. With over 300 AI-accelerated ISV features, you can trust your favorite AI-accelerated software runs flawlessly with an Intel processor. With the help of an AI PC, unlock upgraded creative potential, productivity, and security.  

At the same time, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 allows you to access a variety of other features like Ada Lovelace architecture, NVIDIA G-Sync, DLSS 3, and specialized AI Tensor Cores, further enhancing your gaming experience.

Professionals can finish their projects faster with an ideal workstation they can take while traveling or working remote. Again, with the assistance of a built-in NPU, access to AI-accelerated performance means access to increased efficiency and productivity from a laptop only 4.29 lbs light and 0.78 inches thin.

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