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Game Smart With State-of-the-Art Peripherals Backed by Razer

July 6, 2015 | By Hector

Even with the best gaming rigs on the market, a keyboard can make or break your gaming experience. Often designed as an afterthought, too many keyboards out there fail to truly enhance the gaming experience. As pioneers in powerful Custom Computers, ORIGIN PC has partnered up Razer, a leader in gaming peripherals, to rectify this problem and offer the most cutting-edge gaming keyboard on the market.

Utilizing Razer’s proven expertise in designing top-quality, reliable, and high-performing peripherals, ORIGIN PC gear is down to an art as well as a science. They reflect are commitment to high-end engineering that balances style as well as function.

Take the BlackWidow Chroma, an incredibly comfortable keyboard that is sleek, clever, and beautiful to boot. Its distinctive tactile feedback, signified by a light pronounced tap to your fingers, gives an incredibly fresh and responsible feel. The optimized actuation force of 50g, combined with a reduced actuation distance of 2 mm, means that you can actuate your commands faster than on any other standard gaming keyboard.

The advanced RGB backlit keys offer a tactical advantage in a gorgeous way, letting you game in the dark with supreme accuracy. The ability to record unlimited macros on-the-fly, without even having to take your eye off the game or deal with complex driver menus, helps take your sessions to the next level of efficiency. Choose from 16.8 million color options that are easily set through Razer Synapse, turning the Chroma a truly eye-catching and personalized spectacle.

The BlackWidow Chroma is the decisive way to get the most out of you ORIGIN PC and obliterate the competition. To learn more about our Razer peripherals and custom gaming computers, contact 1-877-674-4460 or [email protected].

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