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Great people making great PCs
Great people making great PCs

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In an era where AI bots are taking over customer service, drones drop off broken packages (well not quite yet, but you get the idea) and manufacturing seems to be a race to the bottom to squeeze every last penny even if that sacrifices quality, Origin PC bucks the trends. Even the wooden crate that carefully held my PC through the rough and tumble shipping industry showed an attention to detail that is unfortunately no longer common. I have a great new PC sitting in my living room, quietly humming away as it runs the latest games on the highest settings. I even got the opportunity to visit their offices in Florida (for work, not because I bought a PC - I don't think trips are included in the purchase price yet), so I can personally attest that this is a company run by a group of passionate PC builders. After that trip, it further solidified my wish to buy a PC from them.

Roland L.
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