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Upgrade to an ORIGIN PC with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti

May 24, 2023 | By Anthony

The brand new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti graphics card is now available at ORIGIN PC. Power your next gaming or workstation system with powerful 40 series performance.

On the gaming side, the CHRONOS and NEURON can now be customized with the new graphics card, making the latest generation of graphics cards even more accessible. If you’re looking to save space or for a fully compact system, look no further than the CHRONOS which comes in 3 unique designs. Alternatively, the NEURON is a powerhouse that offers convenient designs, ensuring any future upgrades are hassle-free. It also features professional cable management by the ORIGIN PC team, meaning that the system will come neat and organized. If you were looking for an award-winning MILLENNIUM, it’s also important to note that the MILLENNIUM’s configurations have merged with the NEURON and you can still find them by customizing a NEURON. With plenty of space available, your components will remain cool and also leave plenty of room for anything else you may choose to add in the future.

For workstation systems, a powerful M-Class or L-Class offer the incredible  power you need to supercharge your creativity and workflows. Whether you want to better equip your home office, or craft a high-performance content creating machine, either system offers the full depth of ORIGIN PC’s customization, high quality components, and award-winning service. You can pick out hardware of your choice to handle resource-intensive tasks such as software development, 3D modeling, video rendering, VR development, and more. More accessible than ever, 40 series performance is available now at ORIGIN PC.

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