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ORIGIN PC RTS Bundles Deliver High End Gaming in Less Time

February 10, 2016 | By Anthony


With the many top rated games that have already been released and the many that will be debuting later this year, you’re definitely going to want a computer that can push out the best graphical performance and delivers the biggest bang for your buck.  Before you can get your hands on one of our custom computers, however, there is that waiting period between ordering, having the PC built, and then waiting for it to be delivered.

With ORIGIN PC’s RTS (Ready to Ship) line of systems, there is virtually no wait.

The RTS systems like the EON17-X RTS bundle delivers the same top notch performance and quality as one of the custom computers while getting rid of the wait and making sure there are no compromises.  As we do with our custom-built computers, RTS systems are thoroughly tested using our high standards and are delivered with the same 24/7 lifetime support.  Instead of waiting several days or weeks for your system, you can be playing the latest first person shooter in just a few days as our RTS systems ship within 24 hours upon receiving payment.  In fact, these systems come with extra features including free gaming titles so you’ll already have a new game to fire up and experience the ORIGIN PC difference.

ORIGIN PC’s line of gaming and performance desktops and laptops are designed to deliver high-end performance.  Our custom computers come with blazing fast Intel processors, upgradeable RAM, and the latest NVIDIA graphics cards capable of running graphics-intensive games and applications whether it’s virtual reality or 3D modeling.   Call 1-877-674-4460 for more information or visit our website to learn more about the EON17-X RTS and its specs.

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