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Gaming Desktops vs. Gaming Laptops

Gaming PC vs. Gaming Laptop: Which is best for gaming?

June 20, 2024 | By Anthony

We already know you’re set on picking out your first PC or a long overdue upgrade. One of the most important questions asked is: should I pick a gaming desktop or gaming laptop? There is no one-size-fits-all answer so you’ll want to decide based on your circumstances.

Let’s start with the gaming PC.

Gaming PCs

The case for superior performance 

Amongst the many reasons to pick a gaming PC is the amount of physical space available. Bigger cases offer improved airflow and room for cooling components like fans or liquid cooling units. Improved temperatures ensure that your components perform at their best and also that they last longer. 

Another point of contention is the fact that in general, desktop components like GPUs and CPUs generally outperform their laptop counterparts. They are bigger and do not have to worry as much about temperature constraints as you can add additional cooling solutions to remedy the increased power usage.

Take for example, the ORIGIN PC GENESIS. Powered by HydroX cooling technology, it is a liquid-cooled gaming PC boasting improved performance, reduced noise, and even lower temperatures. Aside from the reliable functionality of it, CORSAIR cooling components are part of the iCUE LINK ecosystem, creating opportunities for even more visual customization by unifying and easily controllable with CORSAIR iCUE software.


Another perk of having your components housed by a case is the upgradability of a desktop. As technology advances, you have the option to change out parts one by one, just as long as they are compatible. Ultimately, this makes upgrading a desktop gaming PC much easier as you will generally need to buy a completely new laptop to step up to the next generation of hardware.

Cost to Performance

Finally, desktops will often provide a better cost to performance ratio. If you want to experience high-end gaming performance or access enough power to casually stream and create content, you will have a much easier time hitting those benchmarks on a budget if you choose a gaming desktop.

That said, gaming PCs are not the solution to everything and there are areas where gaming laptops are superior.

Gaming Laptops

Portable Power

The case for gaming laptops begins with portability. For example, if you’re picking for yourself or a loved one that is a busy college student, you might be better off choosing a laptop. Frequent travel back and forth between the dorm room and visits home can make it tough for the student gamer to indulge in their hobby. A professional creative who likes to game on the side might also benefit immensely from a portable workstation that also doubles as a high-power gaming machine during downtime. 

Strong enough to get the job done

With developments in technology, gaming laptops today still offer competitive performance even on the most popular titles. A big factor to consider is how strong of components you really need? If you are a casual gamer or someone who is completely content playing games without maxed out resolutions, you can still get a great gaming experience with a laptop. No need to overkill it with the hardware, especially if your favorite games are simpler ones. Choosing the best-in-class laptops still allows you to access 4K gaming, but instead in a portable form factor.

The Verdict

Ultimately, the decision between a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop is one that deserves some time and thought. For those on a budget, who want the highest performance possible, or may want to upgrade in the near future, the desktop is likely the superior option. For those who are set in stone on making one big purchase, or who tend to travel a lot may instead prefer the convenience and portability a gaming laptop brings to the table. 

Give it some time and customize an ORIGIN PC desktop gaming PC or laptop for the peace of mind that our quality PCs and support can offer.

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