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Free 32-inch monitor* ($399 MSRP) OR Save $250 on Custom Desktops/Laptops

Enhance your view with a free 32″ inch gaming monitor

February 28, 2024 | By Anthony

Exclusive promotion available for a limited time and while supplies last only – upgrade to a custom ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop and receive a CORSAIR XENEON 315QHD165 32″ gaming monitor. Alternatively, a $250 system discount can be added in place of the add-on monitor. In addition to superb gaming performance, make the most of high-powered components and witness the full beauty of your favorites with a gorgeous IPS panel featuring excellent color accuracy and consistency.  For elite desktops, consider customizing a liquid-cooled GENESIS to ensure the longevity and maximum performance of its high-end hardware. For laptops, an EON17-X offers the strength of a GeForce RTX 4090 in a portable medium.

Custom Desktop/Laptop promotion:

– Free 32-Inch Monitor*
– Save $250 on custom desktops/laptops
– Free Two-Year warranty upgrade
Anybody looking to skip the wait and quickly choose a pre-assembled PC with curated, high-performance parts can instead pick out a Ready-To-Ship (RTS) system.
Ready-To-Ship Systems promotion:
– 5% off Ready-To-Ship Systems (Cherry Blossom Bundle excluded)
Access the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU with a NEURON 7000D RTS or NEURON 5000X RTS desktop. Desktops equipped with the ultimate graphics performance are in stock and if you’re having a hard time picking between the two gaming juggernauts,  one big factor to consider is case size. For a larger case, the NEURON 7000D RTS provides more room for potential upgrades and additional components. The NEURON 5000X features a full-tower case and a founder’s edition of the graphics card, as well as a plethora of cooling components like a CORSAIR iCUE H150i RGB AIO cooler and CORSAIR iCUE LINK QX RGB fans. It even includes an Intel Core i9-14900K processors. making it a system that will continue to provide exceptional performance for future titles.
Learn more and browse the full collection of ORIGIN PC systems at originpc.com.
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