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Take on the past, present, and future with the ORIGIN PC RetrO, a special edition BIG O hybrid gaming desktop that breaks reality as we know it. With every console, board game, arcade game, and a godlike PC inside, the RetrO is the one machine that can truly play everything.



As with the original BIG O, the RetrO is split between two sides a PC side and an “everything” side. On the PC side, our engineers have cracked the code and stuffed the PC with hardware that doesn’t even exist yet. How they managed to get this hardware is unknown. Was it dark magic? Was it twisted science? Technology from distant galaxies? We’ll never know.



We read the comments. “Why only one console on the BIG O?” We listened to all of your comments so we’ve included everything inside the RetrO. Seriously. EVERYTHING. Every console, every portable console, every arcade game, every board game, and the peripherals too. Like the PC, we’re still trying to understand the unrealistic technology that made this all possible. Is it even safe? We can confirm that it is the heaviest system we’ve ever made. Don’t try lifting it.

ORIGIN PC RetrO right side


Did you think that by including everything we were done? Think again. You can customize your RetrO to look like an old-school console with a matching color scheme, you can make it look like a hot rod, or even a picture of another RetrO! How are these designs even feasible? Rumors say that we have an in-house wizard that makes these designs possible, including the ones that don’t belong in our reality.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A hybrid gaming system that combines a futuristic gaming PC of unknown origins with every game console, portable console, board game, and arcade game inside. You can’t carry it.

I have no idea how they did it, but yes all the accessories are included. Even those plastic instruments!

Sure, just give us the soul of a cyber dragon fueled by the hatred of a thousand suns from dimension 1337.

Oops! We’re not EA! We’re ORIGIN PC! You have us confused with EA’s Origin client. Contact their support team.

If it was ever a game it’s inside the RetrO. We did it. We’ve managed to include every method of playing games inside a system.

It didn’t make sense to me either until I saw the indoctrination video.

Open it up and find out. On second thought, that would be a bad idea. We don’t want any skeleton armies spilling out of the RetrO. Unless you’re reaching for your copy of your favorite board games, just make sure you reach in the right place.

There’s a place in the front panel that takes in your game and absorbs it. You won’t get your game back. It’s part of the RetrO now.

If you don’t mind the risk of multi-dimensional collapses, sure!

Why would you? It’s the peak. You can’t get better than this.

No, we’ve trapped them behind extensive security so our RetrO customization secrets stay secret.

Our engineers have confirmed that streaming the greatness that is RetrO is possible and even recommended. The overlords demanded more eyes.

Because the marketing research showed that a friendly and nostalgia-inducing name would be the perfect way of taking over.

You mean to tell me, that stuffing EVERYTHING and impossible PC hardware into one of our cases is a meticulous April Fools’ joke? Well, I’ve played on the RetrO, and it’s real. Do you want the proof? You can’t handle the proof. None of us can.

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Disclaimer: The ORIGIN PC RetrO is not real. Happy April Fools’!