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NVIDIA RTX Watch Dogs: Legion

Build Your Own Resistance On ORIGIN PC


Build Your Own Resistance

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Customize an ORIGIN PC Desktop or Laptop For The Best Watch Dogs: Legion Experience

Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to PC filled with features and visuals best experienced on an ORIGIN PC powered by GeForce RTX graphics. With the addition of ray-traced visuals and DLSS, playing Watch Dogs: Legion on PC will be the best possible way of experiencing the game. Play as anyone during your mission to take back London using a massive array of gadgets and tools at your disposal. With a powerful ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop powered by GeForce RTX, you’ll have plenty of power to make London look its best as you fight for the future.

Ray Tracing In A Massive World

Using the power found in NVIDIA GeForce RTX powering an ORIGIN PC, Watch Dogs: Legion supports real time ray-traced reflections. Windows, puddles, cars, and other reflective surfaces will now accurately reflect their surroundings whether it’s a quiet night stroll through the city or a high-speed chase.

DLSS On For A Performance Boost

Using the Tensor Cores found in GeForce RTX graphics cards, Watch Dogs: Legion uses the power of AI to boost your frame rate while still offering detailed game visuals. By using DLSS in Watch Dogs: Legion, you can get even greater frame rates on your ORIGIN PC powered by GeForce RTX.

Watch Dogs: Legion Bundle

Get Watch Dogs Legion with a GeForce RTX Powered ORIGIN PC

Until October 29th, you can get a digital copy of Watch Dogs: Legion with an ORIGIN PC desktop powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card. You’ll also get the Golden King Pack and one year of GeForce Now Founders Membership!

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