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Introducing MKBHD’s new ORIGIN PC, the Apollo 1/2, a custom LUDICROUS PC desktop inspired by MKBHD’s Tesla Model S. Outfitted with a custom Hydro X liquid cooling system, iCUE RGB lighting underneath the car, an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti inside the chassis of a Tesla Model S for kids, the Ludicrous PC is fully equipped to play the latest games and go out for a short drive.

For a limited time, you can order your very own LUDICROUS PC just like MKBHD’s Apollo 1/2.

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"It’s definitely dope tech"

– Marques Brownlee, MKBHD

MKBHD's Tesla Model S PC

Creating a Hybrid PC and Micro-Vehicle

The ORIGIN PC team went back to the drawing board when it came to designing the LUDICROUS PC. Designing a gaming PC in a ridable Tesla Model S toy car presented new challenges that needed creative solutions. By using the front trunk and key spaces in the vehicle, the team was able to fit a liquid-cooled gaming PC with enough room for airflow.

There’s even an included remote that lets you turn off or reset the PC!

Powered by Electricity and Then Some

The key of the LUDICROUS PC project was maintaining the rideability of the Tesla Model S for kids and still have a functioning PC inside. For the hardware inside the LUDICROUS PC, the team went with a liquid-cooled AMD Ryzen 9 3900X with 12 cores, a liquid-cooled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 32GB of CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB RAM, a 2TB CORSAIR Force Series MP600 Gen4 PCIe M.2 SSD for the operating system, and a 4TB Samsung 860 PRO SSD storage drive.


Ryzen 9



GeForce RTX

2080 Ti

MKBHD Tesla Model S Internals
Rear of MKBHD's Tesla Model S PC

Equipped To Drive

The original features of the Tesla Model S for kids remain fully functional. A child can utilize working headlights, a horn, and the capability of the LUDICROUS PC being driven forward or in reverse. As a precaution, we warn that driving the LUDICROUS PC should be driven by children under adult supervision to carefully avoid crashing or slamming the vehicle to protect the hardware inside.

A Finishing Touch

As an added touch, iCUE enabled RGB strips are included underneath the vehicle which can be controlled by CORSAIR’s iCUE software. Create advanced RGB lighting effects synchronized across all of your compatible devices to perfectly accentuate the unique look of your LUDICROUS PC thanks to iCUE’s unrivaled level of lighting customization.

Available Now For a Limited Time

Create your very own LUDICROUS PC with the same specs as MKBHD’s Apollo ½! Customize your LUDICROUS PC by choosing the exterior color of the car and rims. Additional accessories are included such as a premium battery upgrade, a car cover, and a custom license place.


Lifetime Service & Support

Our job does not end when your LUDICROUS PC arrives. Every ORIGIN PC system is backed by a lifetime service agreement. When you purchase your LUDICROUS PC, you will receive dedicated service, including labor, from our trained and experienced staff whenever you need it. We offer support via email, online chat, 24/7 US-based lifetime phone support, and more.

24/7 Service & Support

We stand with every high-performance PC that leaves our warehouse. We understand that during the life of your system anything can happen, which is why our support staff will always be on call 24/7. We even use remote access technology, if you want a hands-off approach when solving a software issue.

System Upgrades

Need some repairs or upgrades on your system? We offer free labor on our systems and will do the work for you. You can even trade in your old graphics card to reduce the cost of the new graphics card with our optional EVOLVE Service. Learn more

Recovery Drive

All ORIGIN PC systems ship with a recovery factory system image of your system on a USB 3.0 flash drive. Regardless of what state your operating system is in, you can recover your system with the backup software and system image that’s always ready and available on the Recovery USB Drive.*

*Disclaimer: USB Recovery Software will remove all software and data installed on the system. It is recommended to back up any data or software prior to using the Recovery USB Drive.

Wooden Crate Armor

Protecting your system is our priority, which is why we use specially designed wooden crate armor for shipping. Your ORIGIN PC will be protected from shipping hazards, accidents, or mishandling when protected with wooden crate armor.*

*Disclaimer: If shipping back to ORIGIN PC, the system should be shipped in wooden crate armor if the system was initially received in wooden crate armor. Learn more

Extended Warranty

We offer a 1 Year Part Replacement and 45 day shipping warranty plan with all ORIGIN PCs. Optional extended part replacement and free shipping warranty plans are also available. With these special plans you won’t have to pay for parts or shipping costs if you need to send your system back to our warehouse.

The warranty can be voided due to physical damage from a crash, weather exposure (such as rain, excessive snow), and exposure to elements (such as excessive sand, dirty, mud, etc.)

Once you’re with the ORIGIN PC Family, we’ll always have your back.



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The ORIGIN Difference

ORIGIN PC delivers the best PC experience period. We focus on customization, service, quality, and performance. This is the ORIGIN PC way.

Tech Specs

DISCLAIMERS: The LUDICROUS PC is a drivable Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for kids. Adults should not drive the vehicle, it is designed for kids to drive with adult supervision. The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S is not a part of the ORIGIN PC warranty, the hardware inside is backed by the ORIGIN PC warranty, however, the warranty can be voided due to physical damage from a crash, weather exposure (such as rain, excessive snow), and exposure to elements (such as excessive sand, dirty, mud, etc.) Do not run the LUDICROUS PC and the vehicle at the same time. This vehicle cannot be stored outdoors.