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The Best PC: Look For The Applications

May 1, 2013 | By Hector

genesis-eon17-s-group-shotIn today’s fast-moving world, personal computers have become a necessity as opposed to a luxury item a few years back. Picking out the best PC suited to your needs and lifestyle may indeed be a challenging task. With so many technical specifications to consider, it is easy to get confused when making a decision. There are numerous options available that cater to different markets and different needs. The most suitable option for you depends largely on the amount of money that you are willing to spend, the power and speed that you require, and the kind of lifestyle that you lead.

It is possible to begin cutting down your options by first thinking about the kind of applications you wish to run on your computer. If you will use your laptop for basic purposes such as checking your email, browsing the Internet, and using applications such as Microsoft Word, then there are numerous alternatives available at a very affordable price. In addition to these tasks, if you are into watching movies, listening to music, and also playing a few games, then perhaps an entertainment PC would be the best PC suited to your needs. A gaming PC would be the right option if you wish to play the latest games. These PCs are very expensive, as they require high-quality speakers, screen resolution, a faster processor and hard drive, as well as powerful graphics cards. In case you need to run heavy duty applications such as editing HD videos and the sort, then a performance PC would be the most appropriate option. This kind of PC also comes with a considerable bill as it includes a lot of memory, and a powerful CPU along with a larger hard drive.

After having decided on the kind of applications that you will frequently be using on your PC, it is important to consider the kind of PC that will be appropriate for you, such as a netbook, a laptop or a desktop. Netbooks are compact and smaller in size with no DVD drive, a smaller screen, and less hard drive space. They are extremely portable and can be used for running basic tasks such as emailing and browsing. Laptops are slightly heavier, but can be used to handle powerful applications. Moreover, the larger keyboard can prove to be favorable if you’re spending hours typing for work. They also come with a DVD drive and can offer satisfactory gaming performance. If, however, you do not need to carry your PC around, the best PC for you would be a desktop. These are an ideal option for computer gaming and video editing. Desktops are larger and more powerful, and also provide the ease of re-configuring and upgrading the system. If, for example, you may feel the need to improve your gaming performance, it can easily be done by buying another graphics card. However, this cannot be done in a netbook or a laptop.

There are many technical specs that you need to consider while buying your PC. A 2GB RAM may just be adequate for running basic functions. However, opting for memory of 4GB ensures that your system performs better. A 500 GB hard drive is recommended when it comes to budget PCs. Lastly, with regards to the computer’s processor, one can rest assured that even the cheapest PCs now come with a dual-core processor that allows you to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously.