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ORIGIN PC Makes the List of CNET’s Top Laptop Performers…Twice

May 1, 2019 | By brian

With PC hardware becoming increasingly powerful, today’s gaming laptops are just as capable of pumping out high-end graphics as their larger desktop siblings. In fact, the technology website CNET recently published a story titled “Gaming laptops: The top performers of 2019”. By using the power of Nvidia’s RTX GPU and using graphically intensive games like Far Cry 5 to test performance, we’re proud to say that ORIGIN PC made the list of CNET’s top performers not once, but twice!

The most recent model of the EON17-X Gaming Laptop had the distinction of being named one of CNET’s “two top-performing laptops so far.” Featuring a 9th generation Intel Core i9 desktop processor plus an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 desktop-class graphics card capable of being overclocked, this laptop delivers desktop-level performance in a portable solution. With its crisp 17.3” display, 4K visuals look absolutely stunning and incredibly lifelike.

Following right behind the EON17-X is…the EON17-X! In this case, CNET singled out the 2018 version of the laptop and also provided a link to their review, which called the 2018 EON17-X “top-notch performance at a top-shelf price.”

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