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Choosing Your Gaming Monitor

October 22, 2018 | By Anthony

With the right components in your gaming PC like an Nvidia RTX GPU and Intel i9 processor, you’re ready to take on today’s modern gaming titles with the best visual quality. However, all of this awesome hardware will mean nothing if you don’t have the right monitor to see it all.

When you have a monitor with a fixed refresh rate, it will display your games at a constant framerate even if the game’s framerate is higher than what the monitor can handle. In such a scenario, the monitor may show two different frames at the same time, leading to the dreaded “screen tearing” that no gamer wants to deal with, especially in a genre like FPS. There is the option for vsync, but this may cause a game to stutter. This is where FreeSync and G-Sync come in.

While both G-Sync and FreeSync have the same end goal, they have different implementations. Monitors with G-Sync use Nvidia technology that is integrated into the monitor while FreeSync is a free open, standard developed by AMD. As you might expect, both of these technologies are intended to work with either an Nvidia or AMD GPU.

If you’re playing games like the Call of Duty series, Fortnite, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’re going to want to make sure your monitor is one that supports one of these technologies. Plus, if you’ve already built your dream ORIGIN PC, it only makes sense to showcase its capabilities by having a monitor that will show off what your custom rig can do.

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