April Fools Crate

Introducing ORIGIN PC Crate Hunt

You love opening up crates and adding more overlays to your games, so we’ve created Crate Hunt, a special software that lets you find ORIGIN PC crates in your PC games! Upon tracking down and opening an ORIGIN PC crate in-game, you’ll immediately receive a prize such as an amazing and exclusive ORIGIN PC shirt and more!*


All you need is a PC, any PC game, and an internet connection. Just download and install the Crate Hunt software to your PC, agree to the contract and you’re good to go! Thanks to our incredible team and AI technologies, we’ve figured out a surefire method to insert ORIGIN PC crates into any PC game no matter the type of game! Single player, multiplayer, VR, simulation, retro, visual novel, Minesweeper, and even browser-based games can work with Crate Hunt software.

Turn on the Crate Hunt overlay and we’ll give you a convenient checklist of hard-to-reach locations where you can find a crate in your game of choice. Upon locating and opening the crate in-game, you’ll immediately get a real, tangible prize!*


We hear it all the time, “where’s my free PC?” Unfortunately, I’ve been informed to tell you that you can’t get a “Free PC” from Crate Hunt, but you can get other prizes such as an exclusive ORIGIN PC shirt, Elgato accessories, SCUF controllers, and CORSAIR gear. As an added benefit, we can instantly deliver the prize to your doorstep once you open the crate in-game.* Take that digital rewards and delivery drones!

Our Crate Hunt prizes are first come, first serve… and I’ve just been told that all the physical prizes are now gone. More prizes may be on the way, fully depending on the number of people who download and install Crate Hunt.* You can still get pride and accomplishment for seeking out and opening our crates in your favorite games!



Download and install ORIGIN PC Crate Hunt software


Use Crate Hunt to find and locate crates in your favorite games


Earn prizes delivered to your doorstep instantly!*


You might be sitting there thinking, “another useless piece of software that just uses up my PC’s resources? I’ll never install that!” But then you’d miss out on all Crate Hunt fun! Our team takes pride in the fact we’ve made the performance impact on your PC so minimal, Task Manager doesn’t even notice it! Impossible? Maybe. Magical? Absolutely.

Crate Hunt does not meticulously read your gameplay or PC data to create custom digital advertising making you pull out your wallet for gaming-related merchandise. Crate Hunt respects your privacy and shuts itself off when you’re not playing a game!


Crate Hunt is here and it’s ready for every PC in the world. The potatoes, cardboard cases, custom loop systems, ancient laptops, and even grandma’s hunk of junk. You can download Crate Hunt and start finding crates in your games today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A software that lets you add digital ORIGIN PC crates into your favorite games for real-world prizes (while supplies last).* Crate Hunt includes a helpful in-game overlay to assist you in your crate hunting journey. Free to download for any PC in the world.

Just a functioning PC that turns on, any game, and an active internet connection.

If you order an ORIGIN PC it’s shipped in a wooden crate! We figured since we’ve received positive feedback about our crates we could include them in our new software!

When you find and open a special ORIGIN PC crate in-game while using Crate Hunt, you’ll win a real-world physical prize instantly delivered to your doorstep while supplies last. Unfortunately during your time on this webpage and reading this FAQ, all physical prizes are currently gone. Gotta be faster than that.*

Sorry, the free PC store called and we’re all out.

Oops! We’re not EA! We’re ORIGIN PC! You have us confused with EA’s Origin client. Contact their support team.

We recently hired a programmer from the planet ÆPRLF1Z-21 that wrote an AI to automatically insert ORIGIN PC crates into any game code. By using the power of the cloud, your PC, and a fraction of your soul, we can meticulously place crates anywhere for your personal enjoyment!

    At this time Crate Hunt is designed to work with a PC, but our programmer says they’re working on a mobile version as well.

    We learned some secrets that we are currently unable to share with the public, as it could put us in grave danger. Just accept the fact we can drop prizes at your doorstep upon opening a crate in a video game.* Don’t question it.

No, our crates can only be seen by you and you alone. They do not provide any in-game benefits besides an instant prize as well as pride and accomplishment.* Don’t try to use a crate as cover, your enemies can still see you.

Our AI makes certain to insert crates during moments you find yourself unsure of what to do, repetitive side quests, or near that one place people like to take screenshots at.

Just as any overlay or random software you’d find on the internet, Crate Hunt is perfectly safe!

Maybe. Maybe not.

Is there a reason why cereal boxes can only hold a bag of cereal? There was a limited quantity and it just so happened that we ran out.*

It’s a great experience you can share with friends and family. It also enhances your PC gameplay experience while giving you that sweet product placement, extra overlay, and even more software running in the background.

Disclaimer: ORIGIN PC Crate Hunt is not real. Happy April Fools’!

*There were never any prizes at all.