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Help accelerate the research of COVID-19


Help accelerate the research of COVID-19

We started a [email protected] team to help research a possible cure for COVID-19.

We are putting out a call to action to all PC gamers and PC users around the world to join [email protected] to help accelerate the research of COVID-19.


What is [email protected]?

[email protected] works by simulating the dynamics of coronavirus proteins to aid in the discovery of potentially druggable pockets.

How are we contributing?

To help with the computing efforts, we are raising awareness of the program and created an ORIGIN PC team to support [email protected] Our employees are contributing their own PC power to the cause and we are encouraging gamers to do the same if they can.

The ORIGIN PC team is also working on giving customers the option to have the [email protected] application preinstalled on their ORIGIN PC system before shipping.

Download the Software & Join Our Team!

  • If you're PC does not currently have [email protected], please visit https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/, download the installer, and run through the installation process.
  • During the installation process, you will prompted to join a team. To join our team, simply enter our team number, 245755, in to the client setup.
  • Now with you on our team, we're truly making a difference!

You Can Now Preinstall [email protected] On Your New ORIGIN PC System!

  • Our systems can now be made to order with [email protected] preinstalled. We've made it easy to get folding as soon you get your new PC from us!
  • You can choose to install this by following the steps below:
    • While you're building your system in the system configuration page, scroll down to the Accessories section.
    • Once there, the Software banner will allow you to choose what pre-installed software you'd like us to have ready for you.
    • Select Computational Research and you'll find [email protected] as an option to pre-install.
    • You're all set!

If you have any further questions regarding [email protected], please visit https://foldingathome.org/support/faq.

You can also reach [email protected] for any questions at:

Configure your ORIGIN PC with [email protected] today!

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