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CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD Advantage Edition Gaming Laptop

Journey Beyond

Introducing the new CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD ADVANTAGE EDITION. A customizable laptop designed for streaming, gaming, and content creation - ultra portable, uncompromised performance. Combining cutting-edge AMD Advantage™ technologies with the best of CORSAIR performance engineering, the VOYAGER empowers your imagination.


Distinct Customization

High-end performance, always customizable. ORIGIN PC offers customizable Memory, Storage, UV Print and or laser etching options for the CORSAIR VOYAGER. Add your own personal flair by adding a custom design, artwork, or logo.

CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD Advantage Edition Gaming Laptop


  • 16” QHD+ Display
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate
  • CHERRY MX Keyboard


  • USB 4 with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility
  • Wi-Fi 6E + DBS
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • SLIPSTREAM Wireless 3-in-1


  • S-Key Macro Bar
  • Elgato Stream Deck Software
  • Elgato Camera Hub Software
  • 1080p 30fps Webcam
  • 4-Microphone Array


  • Up-to 8hrs of Battery Life1
  • Lightweight Aluminum Shell 0.78in/ 19.8mm Thin


ORIGIN PC provides gamers the necessary speed, power, and performance to seize victory. Built with AMD Advantage™ technologies, VOYAGER delivers true gaming performance while bringing a few new tricks to the fight – all in one stunningly thin and powerful package.


QHD+ Display


Refresh Rate


CHERRY MX ULP Keyswitches

Premium 16-inch QHD+ Display

Boasting an ultra-high 240Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology, VOYAGER’s 2560x1600 IPS display delivers superb factory-calibrated color accuracy with stunning, silky-smooth visuals.


FreeSync Premium


sRGB Color Space


Color Calibration

More than a Gaming Laptop

CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD ADVANTAGE EDITION delivers more than remarkable gaming performance. It’s the world’s first laptop designed for streaming. ORIGIN PC is dedicated to providing the ultimate all-in-one experience - integrating exclusive technologies from Elgato and enabling streamers to push past limits.


Powered by industry-leading Elgato Stream Deck software, VOYAGER’s ten easy-access S-keys allow you to change scenes, start programs, or do anything you can find in the Elgato actions store with a simple drag-and-drop.

Designed for Streaming On-The-Go

Show your best self with a 1080p FHD webcam powered by Elgato Camera Hub software, while capturing your voice with a directional 4-microphone array and ambient noise cancellation.

All Decked Out

CHERRY MX Ultra-Low Profile keyswitches deliver mechanical precision with tactile feedback and a satisfying audible click, all in a tremendously compact form-factor illuminated by per-key RGB backlighting from ultra-bright, power-efficient CAPELLIX LEDs.


Stay connected to all your devices via USB 4 Type-C ports featuring Thunderbolt™ 3 compatibility, supporting DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery. Turn up your wireless performance with exclusive CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, Wi-Fi 6E gigabit dual-band transfer speeds and long-range Bluetooth 5.2.

Corsair Voyager side ports


Free up-to three USB ports with built-in SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, providing compatible wireless CORSAIR devices with hyper-fast wireless transmission speeds for a hassle-free full wireless experience.

Card image cap


For a truly immersive experience, connect up to three external monitors in 4K using USB Type-C ports.

Xeneon Monitors

Wi-Fi 6E with DBS

VOYAGER’s Wi-Fi 6E with Dual Band Simultaneous technology from Qualcomm uses dual bands on Wi-Fi 6E networks to increase data transfer speeds, enable more responsive gaming, and deliver smoother video streaming.


360-degree audio is powered by the amazing sound experience of Dolby Atmos, immersing you in a spatial audio environment and enabling you to hear even the most subtle layers and details come to life.

Next-Level Gaming with AMD Advantage™

Combines the latest 8-core AMD Ryzen™ 6000-Series processor, AMD Radeon™ RX 6000-Series graphics with Integrated MUX switch, and exclusive AMD Smart Technologies for an impressively powerful laptop that leverages the best AMD has to offer.

AMD Ryzen™ 6000-Series Processors

Elevate your creativity, gaming, and work with the speed and power of AMD Ryzen™ processors. Unlock enhanced battery life, support for latest gen connectivity, and full support for the latest Windows 11 security features with your laptop.

AMD Radeon™ Software

Radeon™ Software provides a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface where you can quickly access the latest software features, game stats, performance reports, driver updates, and much more - all from one convenient place.

AMD SmartAccess Technology

Enables AMD Ryzen™ processors to harness the full potential of Radeon™ graphics card memory for increased gaming performance, while maintaining efficient everyday computing with direct to display technology.
*Coming soon via a software update

AMD Radeon™ RX 6800M Graphics

AMD Radeon™ RX 6800M mobile graphics deliver the best in ground-breaking RDNA™ 2 architecture for ultra-high frame rate gaming and advanced content creation features anywhere you need to be.

AMD FreeSync™ Technology

Nothing breaks in-game immersion like stuttering and tearing. With AMD FreeSync™ Premium, the display synchronizes with the GPU’s frame rate to eliminate visual tearing, minimize stuttering, and reduce input lag.

AMD SmartShift Technology

Dynamically adjusts and shifts power to your laptop’s graphics processor to help boost performance for gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, content creation, and productivity.


Control every setting of your CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD ADVANTAGE EDITION with iCUE software. Quickly adjust display settings, monitor system cooling, change fan profiles with the touch of a button, even create custom profiles for performance and lighting.

Outstanding Thermal Performance

VOYAGER’s advanced vapor chamber cooling system quickly moves heat away from key components. More efficient cooling means a longer battery life and lower fan noise for a more immersive experience.


Lifetime Service & Support

Our job does not end when your CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD ADVANTAGE EDITION gaming laptop arrives. Every ORIGIN PC system is backed by a lifetime service agreement. When you purchase your CORSAIR VOYAGER ORIGIN AMD ADVANTAGE EDITION, you will receive dedicated service, including labor, from our trained and experienced staff whenever you need it. We offer support via email, online chat, 24/7 US-based lifetime phone support, and more.

24/7 Service & Support

We stand with every high-performance PC that leaves our warehouse. We understand that during the life of your system anything can happen, which is why our support staff will always be on call 24/7. We even use remote access technology, if you want a hands-off approach when solving a software issue.

System Upgrades

Need some repairs or upgrades on your system? We offer free labor on our systems and will do the work for you.

Recovery Image

All ORIGIN PC systems ship with a recovery factory system image of partitioned into their storage drives. Regardless of what state your operating system is in, you can recover your system with the backup software and system image that’s always available.*

*Disclaimer: USB Recovery Software will remove all software and data installed on the system. It is recommended to back up any data or software prior to using the Recovery USB Drive.

Wooden Crate Armor

Protecting your system is our priority, which is why we use specially designed wooden crate armor for shipping. Your ORIGIN PC will be protected from shipping hazards, accidents, or mishandling when protected with wooden crate armor.*

*Disclaimer: If shipping back to ORIGIN PC, the system should be shipped in wooden crate armor if the system was initially received in wooden crate armor. Learn more

Extended Warranty

We offer a 1 Year Part Replacement and 45 day shipping warranty plan with all ORIGIN PCs. Optional extended part replacement and free shipping warranty plans are also available. With these special plans you won’t have to pay for parts or shipping costs if your system requires any servicing. Learn more

Once you’re with the ORIGIN PC Family, we’ll always have your back.



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Tech Specs

  1. Video playback battery life is based on CORSAIR Lab training results
  2. Supports DisplayPort or HDMI with USB Type-C compatible cable or adapter - sold separately
  3. Performance may vary based on configurations
  4. Travel charger or portable power pack - sold separately