A Gaming PC In a Class By Itself

When computing is a part of your lifestyle, good is not good enough. The BIG O custom gaming pc was designed for the ultimate power user bringing together the best of technology and design in a one of a kind PC gaming system customized to your exact needs and wants.

The BIG O was engineered to offer unmatched style and performance for software applications, games and multimedia. Team ORIGIN gathered the best components from brand leaders in the computer and PC gaming industry to create a masterpiece of technology and entertainment that you can call your own.

An Artistic and Technological Marvel for PC Gaming Enthusiasts

Designed from the inside out for undeniable performance and breathtaking beauty, the BIG O features ORIGIN PC's custom double wide case that supports a full size gaming PC and an Xbox 360 slim console gaming system. This premium case is specially designed to maximize airflow to keep your internal components running cool. In addition, The BIG O also boasts ORIGIN PC's state of the art liquid cooling system that maximizes performance from your CPU, Motherboard, Video Card and even the integrated Xbox 360 slim.

Customize your BIG O on the outside with custom paint in a variety of colors and designs or take the reins and have your own personalized logo or artwork airbrushed or laser etched onto your case. Combined with the internal and external lighting all the internal components and cooling systems are arranged with show quality detail to insure that your BIG O will be the centerpiece of your home or office.

Gaming Power Defined

A world class gaming PC designed to go beyond gaming, the BIG O was engineered to take on any task from digital editing to 3D rendering and everything in-between. Powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processors, The BIG O is ready for any task you throw at it and with ORIGIN PC's over-clocking protocols there are no gaming system requirements you won't decimate.

For the best in visual power and performance, the BIG O features the most powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX video cards in SLI and Quad configurations that are liquid cooled for maximum stability. For those who want the best of both worlds rejoice. The BIG O features a built in, liquid cooled, Xbox 360 slim console gaming system that gives you full access to the Xbox Live Network (separate fees apply) and hundreds of additional games.

Protection and Service

In addition to a customized case designed for protection and thermal management your BIG O is shipped in our one of a kind ORIGIN PC's Wooden Crate Armor guaranteed to protect your rig during transport. When you see this beast being hauled in on a pallet you will know your BIG O has arrived.

Our job does not end with the sale, ORIGIN PC stands with you for the life of your BIG O. After purchasing your BIG O, you will receive dedicated service from our trained and experienced staff. Your BIG O includes ORIGIN PC's world-class lifetime 24/7 phone and online support, and if you are ever in need of repair or want to upgrade, ORIGIN PC will perform the labor for free.