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What Does the Future Hold for PC Gaming?

July 25, 2018 | By Anthony

What does the future hold for the PC? A website called Gamasutra recently published a list titled “Five Probable Futures of PC Gaming Before 2028” which discusses where PC gaming may be headed, and it looks like the PC as a gaming platform isn’t going anywhere.

An interesting point made in the article is how PC gaming will no longer be aimed squarely at just gamers. If you pay any attention to gaming trends, you may have noticed how smaller, independent developers are managing to open up the world of PC gaming to a broader demographic beyond the hardcore gamers that appreciate a good FPS or RPG session. As developers continue to create original titles beyond these two perennially popular genres, the PC will continue to welcome gamers that want a fun experience that also happens to look gorgeous.

Another noteworthy point made that’s sure to draw attention and debate is the author’s proclamation that gaming PCs will continue to be more powerful than any console. In particular, the PC is likely to remain the platform of choice for developers looking to test their next major blockbuster using the latest cutting edge hardware.

As the article says, “Gaming on your laptop or desktop computer may look very different in 10 years, but it’s here to stay.” At ORIGIN PC, we will continue to perfect and evolve our products like our gaming laptopsdesigned to meet the future demands of gamers.

You can read the full article at the following link: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/PhilipPiletic/20180722/322617/Five_Probable_Futures_of_PC_Gaming_Before_2028.php.

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