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Gaming Trend Reviewed The EON17-X Gaming Laptop Powered By GeForce RTX 30 Series!

May 27, 2021 | By Luis

Our EON17-X gaming laptop was recently reviewed by Gaming Trend! The review highlighted the power of the EON17-X, the 17.3-inch 300Hz display, the onboard speakers, and more! Here are some quotes from the review:

“The monitor itself is incredibly sharp and bright, with a bezel thickness of roughly 5mm.”

“It’s no surprise to see this level of power in this device as it’s essentially using a desktop-powered GPU in a laptop body.”

“If you need desktop power you can take with you, the EON17-X will do that and then some.”

In the end, our EON17-X laptop received a 90 out of 100!

Customize your very own EON17-X 30 Series gaming laptop today at originpc.com or learn more about the laptop here: https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/new-eon17-x/

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