Maximum Productivity, Minimum Space

Small Footprint, Big Power

The small form factor design of the CHRONOS PRO custom workstation fits perfectly into any office or workspace and offers configuration options for business and creative professionals. Our space-saving workstation features powerful Intel processors, high speed memory and full size video cards all configured and engineered for maximum performance.

ORIGIN PC offers a variety of case sizes for your CHRONOS PRO that can be used as coding or rendering stations on up to larger enterprise servers and desktop Workstations. Have a specific case in mind? Contact one of our design engineers and we can build a system around it.


Origin PC Logo Internal Power

The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation is small in size, but large in power featuring 6th generation Intel processors with quad-core technology for increased performance during intensive tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering and with dual channel DDR4 memory, running multiple programs and multitasking is a breeze with no lag or slowdown.

For storage security and accessibility the CHRONOS Pro small form factor desktop features high-speed hard drives with up to 4 TBs of storage space, perfect for content creation and photography professionals. For lightning-fast access speeds, data security and fault tolerance, you can also choose from several of our RAID configuration options.

Corsair 250D

Silverstone RVZ01


Silverstone SG08

 Corsair 350D

Silverstone FT03


Origin PC Logo Visual & Sensory Performance

Nvidia and Radeon Logo

ORIGIN PC offers powerful graphic card solutions from NVIDIA in single and dual configuration options. Users of Photoshop, Autodesk and other content creation software can choose up to 12GB's of video processing power for unmatched speed in editing and rendering. In addition you can connect multiple monitors for enhanced workspace for all professional applications.

Experience high-definition surround sound from your CHRONOS Pro custom workstation in both 5.1 and 7.1 with its built in soundcard and for audio engineers, ORIGIN PC offers additional sound card options that include EAX 5.0 technology, 3D positional audio and Dolby Digital Live encoding.

Nvidia and Radeon Logo

Internal Cooling

While the CHRONOS Pro custom workstation does feature a compact design, it is still packed with power utilizing desktop processors and full size graphic cards where temperature management is extremely important. In addition to the internal thermal management system found on all of our small form factor cases, ORIGIN PC offers additional state-of-the art air and liquid cooling options.

Our specially designed case fans maximize airflow throughout the internal compartment of your small form factor case. This process removes hot air while bringing in cool air and keeping your Workstation at optimum performance temperatures. Our liquid cooling system protects the CPU in your Workstation whilst remaining whisper quiet and maintenance free.

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Maximum Protection and Minimum Sound

ORIGIN PC delivers maximum protection for your CHRONOS Pro custom workstation on the inside with durable thermal management cases, air and liquid cooling options and the latest Windows operating system enhancements that provide additional security with services that include Windows Defender, Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials.

On the outside with our ORIGIN Wooden Crate Armor we offer maximum protection in our shipping process and we insure that your Workstation will arrive on time and will be protected from all shipping hazards including bad weather, falls, impacts, and all other accidents or mishandling.

4K Ready Display

3840 x 2160 Resolution

Slide to see the 4K difference

4 Times the Pixels

Today's latest technology has taken the standard 1080 pixel format and quadrupled it. With twice the pixels, you get four times the clarity for near life-like imaging in gaming, video, and pictures. ORIGIN PC's CHRONOS Pro is capable of conquering the 4K future with optional SLI and Crossfire setups to drive all 8 million-plus pixels at silky-smooth 60+ frames per second.

Compact Performance

Origin PC Logo Power & Performance
Sleek Design, Durable Engineering

Small form factor technology allows ORIGIN PC to create a powerful desktop workstation with a compact space saving design engineered to handle any task from data processing to file converting and compression. Built with 6th generation over-clocked and liquid cooled Intel processors, advanced graphical solutions from NVIDIA, the CHRONOS Pro custom workstation is the complete and total package for any business.

Workstation Processors

Increase productivity in your business by getting more done thanks to Turbo Boost technology available on the CHRONOS Pro custom Workstation . Run more professional software applications at once and experience faster response times when working online and utilizing e-commerce.

For programs that require a lot of CPU power like video editing and rendering you will benefit from our third generation Intel quad-core processors that automatically increase power to your CPU when you need it most. The combination of multiple cores and hyper-threading increases your ability to multitask allowing you to get more done in less time.


i7 6700K


Graphics Designed For Workstations

Many of today's creativity based applications including Adobe's® Creative Suite require more GPU power than CPU power. With the CHRONOS Pro you have the option to arrange your custom Workstation in single or dual video card configuration using the NVIDIA platform for up to 12GB's of graphical processing power.

In addition to superb visual quality in high-definition and 3D, these graphic cards can be connected to multiple monitors to increase workspace, perfect for coders, programmers and web professionals. On the design end you can combine the multiple screens into one extended image for a panoramic experience that delivers stunning graphical displays and presentations.

Workstation Memory

Our quad channel DDR4 high-speed memory increases productivity by providing additional bandwidth when running multiple programs, this ensures no lag or slowdown during system resource intensive tasks that require a high amount of RAM including applications like CAD and Maya. The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation can be configured with up to 64GB's of ram expanding scalability and resource management.

Power Supply

With options including overclocked quad core processors, dual video cards and up to four internal high-speed hard drives, power management is beyond paramount. The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation offers a wide range of PSU options from 500 watts to 1 Kilowatts, more than enough to power all the internal components you will ever need flawlessly and securely.


Origin PC Logo Space Saving Design
Control Your Workspace

The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation not only offers a space saving design that leaves a small footprint and fits into any work environment, but also provides maximum protection from heat, dust and external damage. ORIGIN PC's cable management system hides away internal wires and cables allowing ease of accessibility and increased airflow while our internal filtration system reduces the amount of dust and harmful particles that can find their way into your computer.
Choose an ORIGIN PC case that fits your specific needs or contact one of our design engineers and we can build a system around the case of your choice.

Painting & Design

ORIGIN PC offers an array of customization options from selecting the perfectly sized case to internal lighting options. The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation also features custom painting in solid and shiny metallic finishes in number of colors.

For a more specialized touch we offer custom designs that can be laser etched onto your Workstation or have personalized artwork or a company logo that can be airbrushed or grafted onto your case. Have a special design in mind or need help creating one? Contact one of our design engineers who will work with you to put together the perfect design to make your ORIGIN PC a true piece of art.

World-class 24/7 Lifetime Service and Support

Customization is about gaming the way you want. You shouldn't be locked into any single configuration. That's why every ORIGIN PC desktop is backed by a lifetime service agreement. Change your motherboard orientation, add liquid cooling or upgrade your GPU or CPU. All you pay for is any new hardware. ORIGIN PC takes care of the labor for the life of your system.



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