Powered by ASUS and ORIGIN PC

Dominate With The Best

Powered by ASUS

When was the last time you admired a fine piece of art?

ORIGIN PC, Powered by ASUS, ensures to deliver works of art in every PC that rolls off our production lines. We understand that perfect PCs start with the BEST hardware, and we partner with ASUS because we take their hardware to levels that other components and system builders can only dream about: from small form factor dynamos to giant liquid–cooled beasts. Built to be the "BEST": (Breakthrough, Easy Setup, Stable and Trusted), PBA systems combine cutting–edge ASUS hardware with industry–leading system architects and unmatched service, with you calling the shots from start to finish.

Powered by ASUS

See the Entire Battlefield, Dominate the Competition.

The wait is over. The ROG Swift PG348Q has arrived first at ORIGIN PC. Secure epic wins against your enemies with the ROG Swift PG348Q and your ORIGIN PC Powered by ASUS™ system.

  • Curved Ultra-Wide 34" 3440x1440 IPS Display
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC™ Technology
  • ROG Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper Styling with LED effects
ASUS PG348Q Monitor
MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktop Powered by Asus

To Be the Best, We Choose the Best

MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktops Powered by ASUS

Engineered for maximum performance, we at ORIGIN PC strive to provide the ultimate blend of quality and performance. To deliver the best, we had to partner with the best. ASUS has long been considered the leader of innovative, performance driven hardware together with the highest standards of quality. ORIGIN PC is proud to offer the latest in ASUS technology to ensure every ORIGIN PC delivers the unmatched power and performance needed to conquer any task. ORIGIN PC powered by ASUS offers the power, performance, quality and stability you need without compromise.

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