Enjoy Speed and Capacity with Seagate Hard Drives

ORIGIN PCs with Seagate BarraCuda and FireCuda Hard Drives

Customize your ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop with a Seagate FireCuda or BarraCuda Hard Drive for improved storage and speeds. With several different hard drive sizes to choose from, you can get up to 10TB of storage. Store countless games, programs, and more, without worrying about slow read/write speeds with a Seagate hard drive in your ORIGIN PC.

HDD Capacity. SSD Attitude.

Coupled with Intel Optane memory, a revolutionary class of non-volatile memory, BarraCuda hard drives deliver it all. Choose the BarraCuda and Optane bundle while configuring your ORIGIN PC to get a high-capacity BarraCuda Hard Drive and high-speed Intel Optane memory.

  • SSD-like performance and responsiveness
  • Massive capacity
  • Twice the speed of standard drives for boot and load applications1
  • Affordability with zero compromises

Check out the Seagate BarraCuda and Intel Optane bundle while building your system and save!

Ferocious Performance

Hate waiting on your game or application to load? FireCuda delivers superior performance compared to a standard hard drive, yet provides the high capacity options you’ve come to expect from a hard drive solution. It’s the perfect upgrade for gamers, creative professionals and PC enthusiasts. Choose this hybrid drive for your ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop to get higher speeds compared to standard hard drives.

Customize your ORIGIN PC with Seagate FireCuda Hard Drives

Samsung 960 Pro SSD

Customize Your ORIGIN PC with Seagate Hard Drives

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