Read what our latest customers have to say about their ORIGIN PC experience


Best hands down!

They went above and beyond to get me my system. As someone who used to work in the customer service business for 10 years i can say proudly that they have some of the best customer service I have seen and I will recommend them to anyone and everyone.

— Joshua B. , 04/22/2016


Real people that care run this company.

I once was a pleb. My eyes could only see that which was blocky, and of low resolution. I never knew of textures, shadows, or grass. I accepted that for a long time. That is, until one day, my friend and I were playing a game which I can’t name. It required so little computing power that a smart phone could run it. We reached a part where he learned to run, then I learned to run.. except that I couldn’t run. His strides were graceful; mine were stuttered. Imagine riding a bike, and slamming the brakes every second. It was on that day that I decided that wasn’t the life for me. I deserved better. I deserved a super-dope beast of a gaming laptop with nothing but the best stuff, including an 8G NVIDIA GTX 980M GPU… nay, two! And thus, I decided that I deserved a custom Origin EON17-SLX. I can run now, but I don’t. Running is for plebs. I fly.

— Kao S. , 04/12/2016


Great people making great PCs

In an era where AI bots are taking over customer service, drones drop off broken packages (well not quite yet, but you get the idea) and manufacturing seems to be a race to the bottom to squeeze every last penny even if that sacrifices quality, Origin PC bucks the trends. Even the wooden crate that carefully held my PC through the rough and tumble shipping industry showed an attention to detail that is unfortunately no longer common. I have a great new PC sitting in my living room, quietly humming away as it runs the latest games on the highest settings. I even got the opportunity to visit their offices in Florida (for work, not because I bought a PC - I don't think trips are included in the purchase price yet), so I can personally attest that this is a company run by a group of passionate PC builders. After that trip, it further solidified my wish to buy a PC from them.

— Roland L. , 04/05/2016


Origin is the BEST in the industry.

With the release of their newer EVO15-S, Origin has really stepped up the standard for performance in portability. I'm using my new laptop for work and pleasure and it is zipping through everything I throw at it. I finally feel like I have a reliable notebook now that I don't have to baby to keep it working fast and fresh. Furthermore, for the specs on this laptop you can't get a better price anywhere else; comparable systems have way more markup due to brand naming. Customer service was incredible as well; responses are always prompt and helpful the first time around, eliminating the needless back and forth that often comes with poor customer service. I have been recommending Origin to all of my friends looking for a powerful work/gaming laptop. I'm a customer for life!

— Bien N. , 04/05/2016


Well Worth It!!

“I was in the market for a new gaming PC, but I was not sure what I wanted. I spent approximately two months looking at different vendors, configurations, reviews, testimonials, etc. After all my research, I decided to purchase from Orgin and I am not disappointed. I paid a fair amount for my system and it is well worth the cost. The build quality is outstanding, everything about it, from the keyboard, screen, speakers is absolutely amazing and I could not be more happier. I would buy from Orgin again and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. I would like to thank the entire Orgin team, sales, customer service, the builders, etc for making one very fine machine and one very happy customer. OrginPC for life!”

— Kareem K. , 04/05/2016


Absolutely wonderful customer service and amazing computer, A++++++

In all fairness to Jake and the amazing people at Origin PC, I may not have been the easiest customer. I changed my order 4 times, I actually threatened to cancel it once (for a time table reason not because of Origin), and think I may have been annoying the majority of the remainder of my interactions with them. That being said, the whole Origin PC team went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a dream machine. At the end of the day, I would never buy a product from another high end vender and I can articulate three reasons (1) Jake and team are always available and prompt in returning calls and inquiries. I never felt that I wasn't being heard, guided, and listened to. They made every attempt (even some not terribly reasonable) to meet and exceed my expectations. A++++ customer service (2) The fully max'd out Chronos I bought is absolutely amazing with phenomenal attention to detail. I plan on a max'd out 3 card Genesis this summer once all new components are released as well (3) I had a question the morning it was delivered (Sat am) and I called customer service at 9 am CST. I had a person on the phone in under 60 seconds and he guided my through my one quick question. Only Origin PC among the high-end builders offers 24/7 lifetime support. I thought I would be on hold for hours to get my question answered and it wasn't even a minute. A++++ support too. I had no prior dealings with Origin PC, but I would never consider another builder for my computers in the future. I have owned top of the line Maingear and Falcon which were both great, but this is a whole other level of support and customer service. Thank you all

— Eric N. , 03/31/2016


Nice and easy

Buying my new laptop was super easy and the person helping me was very helpful and nice. Glad I bought from Origin because now I have a computer that I can actually play games on!

— aciddoubloon , 03/24/2016


Amazing laptop

I got an amazing laptop with amazing customer service. I'm so glad I bought from origin. I have the EON15-x and other than a short battery, this thing is a total beast. I love it.

— Bryce L. , 03/24/2016


My developer and gamer experience on these machines has been fantastic

I am now the proud owner of 3 Origin High performance PCs, and I could not be happier. I have been a PC game developer since the earliest of days, when I created the Ultima Series of games, and as such, I need a powerful and reliable machine. I tried my first Origin PC late last year, and have been so impressed that when my home machine and travel notebook recently needed replacing, I again chose Origin. I am now playing our new game “Shroud of the Avatar” as well as keeping my 3 terabytes of archival storage on all 3 machines. My developer and gamer experience on these machines has been fantastic. I would whole heatedly recommend Origin PC’s to gamers and developers alike!

— Richard “Lord British” Garriott , 03/23/2016


My Origin PC Laptop

I purchased my EON15-X laptop shortly after my home-built desktops power supply died for the 3rd time in one year. I was convinced to get a laptop by my girlfriend, who knows I love to game and have been wanting to play my games away from home. My main concern however was my online game design classes, which I had just paid for and wanted to take as a way to learn more about something I love so I can get out of a job that I hate and into a career that I’d love. I had heard a lot of great things about Origin PC and knew they offered financing, as I didn’t have time to just save my money for a new computer, so I went out on a limb and ordered it. During the process, the representative I had spoke with was on top of it and helped me understand where my order stood, from the financing to the final shipment, which got to my house much faster than I anticipated. So far, I have started back to work on my classes, recorded video for my Let’s Play videos, streamed when I was making art for a podcast and even tested all sorts of games, including newer games like The Division on the highest graphic settings. It is safe to say I am beyond pleased with my new Origin PC Laptop.

— Steven W. , 03/22/2016