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Streamlined process

The estimated ship date was spot on, my Origin Neuron came just the way I order it protected in a wood crate, and I had a personal representative help me throughout the whole process

— chaitea18 , 12/27/2018

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Amazing quality, great service!

Wow! My PC buying experience couldn't have been better! The build quality and service Origin PC provides are the best you're going to find anywhere! I got updated every step of the way. They told me the estimated ship date would be 14 days after the start of my order, and they hit it right on the mark! The wooden crate armor Origin PC ships your PC in is just one of the many extras that set them above the rest. They genuinely care the PC arrives in perfect condition, so the customer experience is the best it can be. Mine couldn't have been better! Thank you, Origin PC! I'm proud to be a new member of the Origin PC family!

— DavidHHagen , 12/25/2018

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Got 2 Origin PC s

I'll tell you what customer service is just stellar. And the machines just kick ****. I'm back into pcs after a long layoff. Talking windows 98 long. Even in 98 I didn't know much more than the power button. But I have had plenty of excursions into customer service with the gambit of house hold items lawn equipment you name it. Not a single vendor in 20 years has been as good. Period

— tarkillbob , 12/25/2018

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Prompt service

Prompt service, understanding of my questions, great PC

— AOmundson , 12/15/2018

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Smooth as butter

Totally happy with my Neuron.

— kingkong-59279 , 11/22/2018

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Great service

I've nothing to complain, I had a good time setting up my order and having someone who can answer my questions whenever I do have any.

— Ferty1111 , 11/21/2018

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The Best Custom PC Builder Out There

When I decided to buy a new gaming PC, I took my time, literally spending months researching, reading reviews, comparing pricing, specs, etc. When I was ready to pull the trigger, I went with Origin and the experience couldn't have been better. I was told when I could expect my Neuron to ship and was updated throughout the process. I had a couple of small questions during the build time and my customer service associate (Hector) always seemingly replied within a couple of hours if not sooner. When I received my PC (in a wooden crate BTW--Origin is the only vendor who offers this to my knowledge), I was mightily impressed. This thing screamed 'quality' and runs like a beast. No bloatware came on it all--it's as if I had a personal friend build it for me and sent it on over. No issues whatsoever. Money well spent if you'd rather not build one yourself. I hardly ever write reviews since sometimes they can come across as a little "too good to be true" if they like the product. But I do believe in giving credit where it's due. I will buy from Origin in the future.

— mklimek-72578 , 11/19/2018

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Always helpful.

Needed my 4 year old desktop repaired due to damage from shipping. Origin was very helpful with fixing and upgrading my PC and getting it back to me as fast as possible.

— Deuce-11696 , 11/19/2018


Awesome look and feel

I love the level of customization that they offer, its like building a pc yourself with the hassle of connecting everything and being afraid to break something. Everything looks amazing and the performance is top notch!

— Filadelfijus , 11/19/2018


Great build good quality, amazing payment plans!

Never have I thought there was a company like this helping get PC players \ streamers more involved in building and finances of others!

— TTVNBASUCCESSS , 11/19/2018