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Amazing service & support

— IsacosyReyes , 07/28/2018

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I love my new PC and love the whole team at Origin PC

— stu-94969 , 07/23/2018

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This is seriously the largest machine I've ever owned, and I say that after formerly owning an Alienware. I've also owned 2-3 small form factor machines. But my OriginPC Genesis is chock full of room for expansion (running two GPUs) and water cooling. Gaming performance is off the chain.

— chillypepper1979 , 07/10/2018



Whether it's intense video gaming or run-of-the-mill work applications, my Origin PC is a real pleasure. I've never had a more reliable machine.

— piggyluvr , 07/05/2018



I ordered my laptop and was already impressed by the fact I had a personal customer service telling me about my system and keeping me updated about the build. I then had a problem with it two months after getting it, something in the screen overheating. I sent back the laptop and got equally impressed by the service, having updates of everything happening in the Repair Shop. Every question I had got answered in minutes and they took care of everything. Once I got my laptop back, it was fully charged and not formatted, so I was able to just take it out the box and start working immediately.

— GuillaumeBellamy , 07/03/2018



The pc I configured is superb. There is actually no program out there that can even stress the hardware or components visual requirements anything its a little to over powered actually im waiting for anything that can actually handle the gtx1080 ti still. Absolutely zero problems it came as ordered and with fun game promos its literally a monster pc. plenty of space for upgrades and memory. I plan on a memory upgrade shortly. I don't expect to buy another pc for at least 15-20 years. just normal upkeep. I've researched company's for a month to pick a proper company without hassles or defects properly tested / wired. Jacob netta was the sales agent. I configured a ORIGIN PC NEURON , PHANTEK EVOLV MATXT CASE , OPCULTRA SILENT 120MM FANBLK EVGA 650WATT SUPERNOVAG3PSU , EVGA WHITE PWR CABLES 24 PIN , ASROCKZ370M PRO 4MB , Frostbyte 240 sealed Li , asetek Origin pc cap , intel i7-8700k 11gb evga gtx1080tiblower style , g.skill 32 gb 3000mhz 2x16 kit , 240gb origin approved ssd , order number wso-0162484. This pc is spectacular worth every penny. been using it for a while now no defects no scratches nothing but great hardware self customized build and for me perfect! There is absolutely no program that can make this pc flinch at all! $2979.37 well spent.

— JeremyAmbrose , 06/30/2018

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My Origin tower PC is fairly new, so I will follow-up on performance soon. I just want to take a moment to comment on how impressed I am with their customer service. I have made several calls regarding set-up, etc., and the technicians I have spoken to have been exceptionally professional and courteous. I have never had to wait more than thirty seconds for an actual human being!! I am very pleased with my choice to go with this PC and company.

— BunkerZombie , 06/28/2018

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Recently created a custom PC through Origin and everything from their end went through very smoothly. I had originally ordered a full gaming tower and during the build process I was informed that a certain piece of my build was back-ordered in my color and that they could easily swap it to another they had in stock. The sales rep informed me of this and when I had some questions about how the new color would look with other parts of the build, he quickly conferred with the build engineers who all came to the same consensus that I had and we ended up quickly swapping out all the clashing colors so that the end product looked amazing. The whole ordering and build process lasted exactly as long as they predicted and was decently fast given they were gathering parts and building the pc from scratch. The only real issue I wound up with was with the shipping carrier that delivered the PC (UPS Freight). They initially called Origin instead of my house to set up a delivery appointment and when they didn’t get a response from Origin, I had to call them myself and then UPS Freight was just the usual not so great UPS Freight it always is. I don’t see this as a problem on Origin’s end so I wouldn’t take off any points from them for it, but I felt it worth mentioning.

— evilarcher4u , 06/26/2018

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I had very good communication from Origin PC all the way through the process of purchase. Since this is my second PC from Origin, I knew a lot of what to expect. The personal assistance in putting together the PC was timely and critical to my peace of mind. Those who helped me bent over backward to save me money, and were willing to forgo the graphics card, (I had my own in mind) which normally must be part of the sale. The build, testing and shipping was timely and I was kept informed throughout. Kudos to Origin PC for your support throughout! Joe

— JoeRobert-74510 , 06/23/2018

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Origin kept me in the loop on when things were going to be done, and they were done quicker than promised. I made a change to the order near the beginning, and it was incorporated without issue. I would definitely recommend them based on the ordering process.

— arneycpa , 06/18/2018