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Top tier support

Upon my initial support call I was guided through the every possible remedy before having to send it in for repair. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind upon sending it in I could ask any question and get an answer. They kept me updated until it was back at my front door fully functional.

— scottgames99 , 10/25/2018

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I ordered my computer back in August, and I purchased it with the 2080TI. Unfortunately the company did not have enough in stock so my computer was delayed almost too months getting to me, but Origin was fantastic about sending me updates throughout the time. My computer is amazing!

— JessicaRiner , 10/24/2018



The response time of agents was spot on and super informative. Not only that, the team over delivered and I got more than what I expected. Above all else, the Origin team treated me like a person vs just a customer which really makes the difference in who I buy from. The level of trust the create will make you feel confident in them building you a work horse of a machine and always give you the option to make your creation stand out from any other. My experience will have me referring friends to Origin from here on out. * tips hat

— TylerLarkin , 10/24/2018

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Top notch computers

Their service is amazing. You can customize literally everything about your desired computer. Definitely recommend them if you want a PC that is a quality one.

— Freddy781 , 10/17/2018

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My husband introduced me to this company and I've never been more pleased. Customer service was on point and I'd recommend them to anybody!

— JareaSchooling , 10/15/2018


Happy Customer!

Excellent service and prices; quality build in America.

— shull02 , 10/09/2018



I have had an amazing experience through the entire process, from ordering, to building, to shipment, I was constantly contacted and updated through email and the order tracking on the website. I’ve had my EVO17-S for about a week now and I can say without a doubt in my mind that it is the most quality laptop I have ever owned. It runs all the games that I’ve ever wanted to play perfectly with no lagging or screen tearing, and everything runs with ultra-high graphics! The display is absolutely gorgeous and everything is so user friendly. The backlit keyboard is incredible! I have never seen backlit keyboard options where you can change the lighting key by key, very helpful for my ASDW (ha ha)! I noticed it runs a bit warm when playing demanding games, which was completely expected from such a thin PC, but I had also ordered the Targus gaming chill mat from their website, and when I know I’m going to sit down for an intensive gaming session, I always pull out the chill mat and I have no problems with excessive heat! Even when the PC gets a little warm I never get overheating errors, which was a big problem with my old laptop! It’s sleek design also draws some eyes, and when people ask me where I got it, I’m pretty proud to say origin! Thanks so much for the great build! I honestly don’t think I will be parting with this laptop for a very, very long time!

— careacholka , 09/23/2018

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Amazing customer service

The staff helped me with whatever questions I had and made sure that I was satisfied with my experience

— brandonhernandez66 , 09/21/2018

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Gaming Powerhouse, great job Origin!

This new custom built Nueron I7-8700K w/ 1080ti both overclocked, 32 g 2933 RAM is a serious gaming beast. Both my son and I are seriously impressed with how quiet, cool and powerful this system is while running ultra game settings. Customer service is second to none. I called customer service 2 times during the build (made changes), and called support twice after receiving the system for minor questions. "What great service!" They are polite and very knowledgeable. One of the calls was at 8:45 at night and they picked up right away, Whoa! Worth every penny. Thanks Nano Kitten for the build. Thanks to the whole Origin team, you guys are the best!

— dpierce-77213 , 09/19/2018

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Excellent customer service.

Had a problem with my radiator fan making a loud noise. Michael quickly diagnosed my problem and gave me simple steps to follow to resolve the issue. If that didn't work, they were already ready to get me set up with a new fan.

— 3zimmem , 09/13/2018