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Great Desktop

I purchased my Millennium desktop back in September 2015. Configuring my system was simple. Choose from the drop down menu. Any conflicts you would get a warning to make a change. Real easy. I had an issue with my machine and after calling tech support and doing all the trouble shooting they requested it to be sent back for repair. Shipping was covered both ways because it was still under warranty. Get the extended warranty it is worth it. They replaced the parts and sent it back. Including shipping both ways they had it for a little under 2 weeks. Their tech support guys are awesome!

— jp2576-20104 , 12/30/2016

EON17-X 10 Series EON17-X 10 Series

Couldn't be happier

So happy with the custom laptop I had built, definitely work the money put into it. I can't stop using it. Was also very happy with the shipping, it can fast and very well organised and protected in packaging. Origin is now my go to place for anything pc.

— Jadekennedy108 , 12/29/2016

EON15-X 10-Series EON15-X 10-Series

Great laptop

It came ready to go online and start gaming. It's fast clean and overall awesome. Really satisfied with this purchase. I've been in the market for a new laptop to replace my MacBook Pro. Definitely made the right choice with Origin.

— jordanmanuel , 12/22/2016


Quality system received quickly

It was easy to configure and order a new computer from Origin. The sales representative kept me informed of the progress of my order and was available for any questions I had. The PC was built quickly because I received it in just over 2 weeks from the original order date. Only the software I wanted was preloaded on the system, so I did not have to any junk programs that another PC manufacture would have put on there.

— Oujikage , 12/22/2016

EON15-X 10-Series EON15-X 10-Series

build the true system YOU want

To start with, I was looking for a new high-end notebook to replace a 2-year old MSI GT60, which started to die slowly. It took me some time comparing different brands and options. The minimum config I was considering: Intel i7 nVidia GPU 4k screen 15.6'' max (with option to use two external 4k displays) 3 hdd slots minimum 32 GB RAM The system is mostly to be used for scientific computations/graphics and occasionally for gaming. To my big surprise such niche simply does not exist. There are either "gaming" options, which lack CPU and RAM; or "portable workstation" which lacks GPU. OriginPC was merely the only solution allowing to merge two concepts into one housing!!! Building custom system: If you know what you want from your hardware - OriginPC really gives you the freedom to build the system YOU want. The number of options for each component will make everyone happy. In simple terms you choose a housing and then you just pick what fits your needs (be careful - everything is so sweat, you'll want it all )) Support: I wish all others had support teams on similar level. After ordering I just dropped email with my wishes on the hdd partitioning, which ssd to use for OS, what kind of freeware/shareware I would like NOT to have on the new notebook, etc - I got reply same day confirming this and asking some details on how I would like the system to be configured. That was really awesome!!!! No time to lose removing the junk adware from the system and doing personal reconfiguration (most of it was already done following my wishes). Really professional and friendly, the way it should be !!! Notebook was shipped exactly on the date promised! The notebook itself: It is really worth it's price! You get exactly what you need. Nothing missed, nothing extra - just have YOUR dream the way you want/need it.

— skytter13 , 12/20/2016

EON17-SLX 10-Series Pro EON17-SLX 10-Series Pro

Not Disappointed

Very happy with my order and thanks for taking the time to update me throughout the process and with the shipping date requirements. I brought the laptop to a hacking workshop and everyone was pretty much awestruck. I didn't do anything myself to attract attention to it, but many people still wanted to look at it and ask questions. I let them all know it was from Origin. I usually build my own systems for PC - but for laptop builds that require the latest components, I could only choose Origin.

— z3r0k001 , 12/20/2016


I love my new computer!!!

I finally got my origin pc this week!!! I was super excited to turn on my computer but then noticed I never got the power cord. I was upset for a day but after talking with Sean Murray tech support, he made everything better. He was patient and understanding about the situation and had my power cord sent out the next day. I love my new computer!!! Thank you again for this amazing master piece!

— Ninabertoni , 12/16/2016

EON17-X 10 Series EON17-X 10 Series

Most epic customized gaming laptop in the whole world!

It is the first time I ever ordered customized gaming laptop. I truly am satisfied with my new gaming laptop from Origin PC known as EON17-X. I HIGHLY recommend this laptop. After testing laptop for several days, everything is running so well. I can tell that the Origin PC team have worked hard on it professionally to ensure everything is running well, especially with the temperature for both CPU and GPU. I was concerned about the temperature but however, it turns out that both of my CPU and GPU doesn't go beyond low 80s under heavy load. I was using nVIDIA benchmark tools to test the new gaming laptop. If I ever want to order any new customized laptop in the future, it will definitely be from Origin PC.

— salazardavid11 , 12/13/2016

EON17-X 10 Series EON17-X 10 Series

Beyond Satisfied!!

I've been a video editor for 11 years, and I've used a number of editing machines. A couple weeks ago, I received an early Christmas present! The company I work for, let me pick a new computer to replace my ageing 2010 ASUS ROG laptop. First I tried a new version of the same computer, but I was plagued with hardware/software errors. I'd used an Origin Genesis before and was impressed with the specs they offered for a tower, so I compared their Pro laptop line with the best everyone else had to offer. It was important to me to have the portability of a laptop, with the performance to match a fast desktop PC. All of this I found in in the EON 10X Pro (S10). My order came in several days earlier than expected, and the superior results were immediate! I got over twice the render speed in After Effects that I'd had before, the screen calibration gave me gorgeous picture quality, and the overall construction of the laptop was rugged and durable. Basically....I couldn't be more happy! The machine is a perfect fit for my video editing needs. Having confidence that my equipment can handle the toughest jobs I throw at it is a big deal in my line of work. I want to congratulate the team at OriginPC for their superior product and great customer service. I believe in thanking people for a good job and ya'll deserve praise for your professionalism. I'm wearing my Origin t-shirt with pride! Would recommend this product to any professional video editor.

— stevenpbowman , 12/12/2016



Absolutely the best PC I have ever purchased. Their shipping method kept the computer safe until it was delivered. The PC itself is incredibly powerful, and makes all my games look and play amazingly. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a PC to game with.

— Case M. , 12/08/2016