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Tom's Hardware Reviewed our Thin and Light EVO15-S with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU


"It features outstanding aluminum construction with minimal use of plastic and solid build quality."

"If you're looking for an outstanding Max-Q laptop from a boutique vendor, the Origin PC EVO 15-S makes a solid argument for your money."

"The Origin PC EVO 15-S offers some of the best value out of the Max-Q laptops we've tested so far."

The Verge Reviewed the EVO15-S Powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU


“The Max-Q 1070 has no problems playing the latest games”

“If you need most of the power found in a gaming desktop and still want something that’s portable, then you just found your new gaming laptop.”

“Thanks to its combination of processing power and usability, the EVO15-S is the best Max-Q laptop, hands down.”

Our New MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktop Received 4.5 Stars out of 5 from TechRadar


"The Origin Millennium absolutely obliterated all our benchmarks with scores much higher than anything we’ve tested before"

"The new Origin Millennium is a big step up in looks and build quality"

"Origin delivers completely with a PC that can be built to order with all the components you wish in a clean case that’s also easy to upgrade."

The EON17-SLX is on's Best Gaming Laptops of 2018 List


"No modern game will make the SLX chug or dip, and these two top-of-the-line cards and unlocked CPU will future-proof you for years to come."

Learn more about the EON17-SLX HERE

Our new MILLENNIUM Desktop Received an Editor's Choice Award from HotHardware


"There wasn't a graphics benchmark or game that could make this system flinch, even at 4K."

"What's more interesting to us than the actual component selection is the overall build quality, and Origin PC knocked it out of the park from multiple fronts. Between the ultra-clean cable management and LED lighting, the Millennium is as much a show piece as it is a desktop."

"With the changes that Origin PC made to the Millennium's custom chassis and the current crop of hardware, this year's model is the best version yet."

The NEURON Gaming Desktop Received an Editor's Choice Award from Tom's Guide


“The Origin Neuron is a stylish and highly customizable PC that you can configure into the gaming beast of your dreams.”

“The Origin Neuron is an excellent high-end gaming PC, offering a slick, customizable design that grabs your attention without coming off as excessive or impractical.”

“If you're seeking a made-to-order PC that hits a sweet spot between price, size, power and flexibility, the Neuron is one of the best PCs you can buy.”

Our EON17-X Gaming Laptop Received an Editors’ Choice Award from Laptop Mag


"The Eon17-X is also quite the performer on virtual reality."

"And as always, Origin PC offers a plethora of customization options, including custom paint jobs, multiple SSDs and HDDs, and different display resolutions, to name just a few."

"The Origin PC Eon17-X delivers great performance for all your gaming, virtual reality and multitasking needs, and offers a deep well of customization options."

MobileTechReview Reviewed our EON17-SLX Powered by an Intel 8th Generation Processor


"You just don’t get this kind of performance in most laptops."

"For videographers, this is doing 4K video, this is a phenomenal kind of workstation experience."

"In terms of performance, this is better than most desktops that are out there."

HotHardware Awarded their Best of CES 2018 Award to our new MILLENNIUM


"The MILLENNIUM's chassis features beautiful tempered glass panels on both sides, that swing open with ease thanks to a magnetic release - that's right, no fumbling with thumbscrews here."

"The front panel is constructed from the same milled aluminum that comprises the rest of the chassis which is to say it feels great and durable."

"This chassis looks sleek and modern, and it only gets better."

Learn more about the new MILLENNIUM desktop HERE.

The ORIGIN PC CHRONOS is on CNET's "Best Desktops for 2018" List


"With clever magnetic feet that move from the top to the side, you can position this VR-ready small desktop horizontally or vertically to fit anywhere."

Learn more about the CHRONOS HERE.