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April 27, 2023 | By Anthony

ORIGIN PC has teamed up with NICKMERCS – to celebrate the partnership, NICKMERCS UV print designs for the EON17-X, EON16-S and VOYAGER laptops are now available. This also extends to CORSAIR, SCUF Gaming, and Elgato, meaning NICKMERCS will continue streaming with top-end hardware and more. See the details here.

NICKMERCS is a popular streamer and gamer who entertains over 15 million viewers worldwide. Moving forward, we’ll work closely with him and are excited for what’s to come. On behalf of this partnership, we’ve also provided NICKMERCS with some incredible gaming gear like a custom EON17-X to help him stream and game with exceptional performance.  This system features a 17.3″ display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU, and a unique custom print. You can customize your own EON17-X here. If you want the fastest performance and power available, look no further than our strongest laptop ever. ORIGIN PC systems also include lifetime US-based support so you can purchase your desktop or laptop with confidence. Our team has got your back.

Here’s what NICKMERCS had to say about the partnership:

“This isn’t just a passive deal, I’m here to get to work… Not only will I start rocking the best gear gaming has to offer, but I have a lot to say on what makes a truly elite product and gaming experience. I can’t wait to introduce all the cool stuff we’re working on to the MFAM, and beyond. This one is for them!”