When it's More Than Just a Game

The World's Elite Compete on ORIGIN PC

The IGN Pro League, better known as "IPL", has been synonymous with professional gaming since it's inception. IGN ProLeague 5, held in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Nevada puts the worlds top eSport Competitors face to face to determine the world's top gamers. ORIGIN PC is the exclusive Gaming PC provider for IPL5. To determine the best, you have to play on the best.

The IGN Pro League partnered with ORIGIN PC seeking the ultimate gaming desktop for use at tournaments. Professional gamers require maximum performance, power and stability throughout the entire competition. With the best players from around the world competing in three titles, ORIGIN PC has answered the call and produced a custom gaming desktop to go the distance and provide the tools needed to establish the world's top gamers.

Battle Tested, Competition Approved

Proven the best by the best. The Official IPL Gaming Desktop from ORIGIN PC has been configured, built and tested to endure the fierce battle of IPL5 but its is not just for use with IPL5 Tournament Games. At ORIGIN PC, every gaming PC is built to handle the latest gaming titles and maintain its leading edge performance from start to finish, no matter how long the gaming session lasts. From local LAN parties to professional leagues, ORIGIN PC delivers the proven performance and stability to achieve victory.

Every one of our gaming desktops is put through a gamut of tests to ensure every system that leaves our factory is worthy of the ORIGIN PC name. The Official IPL is no exception. Every IPL Gaming Desktop from ORIGIN PC is put through a minimum of 72 hours of component testing and rigorous quality assurance checks. ORIGIN PC will never ship a system unworthy of ORIGIN PC or IPL standards. Every IPL PC comes with FREE Lifetime 24/7 support by real gamers based in the United States.


The Best of the Best

IGN Pro League 5 invites the world's top League of Legends, Starcraft and Shootmania competitors to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Nevada to determine the world's top gamers. With $100K on the line, the battles are fierce and the competition is never lacking. These Professional Gaming Teams have been training around the clock in preparation to prove they are the best of the best.

For more information and ticket purchases, please visit the Official IPL5 site

Only the Strongest Will Survive

The Official IPL Gaming Desktop from ORIGIN PC uses only the top components from the industry's leading manufacturers because in battle, failure is not an option. ORIGIN PC has partnered with only the best for The Official IPL PC using enthusiast approved components by Corsair, AMD, Kingston, Seagate and the best in the market. With NVIDIA GeForce graphics by EVGA couple with the latest ASUS motherboards, the Official IPL PC can run any game at maximum settings hour after hour, day after day without fault.