Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked support questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. We only ask that you pay for shipping or any taxes that your package incurs through customs. If you would like a shipping quote, you are able to obtain one through our website by clicking on "Calculate" in your Shopping Cart.

My system is out of warranty do I still get any support?

ORIGIN PC provides free life time support. So even if your warranty has expired you may call or email our support staff for assistance.

I would like to upgrade my system does ORIGIN PC buy back my old components?

ORIGIN PC does not buy back used components unless you purchased the Evolve System Upgrade Service at the time of purchase for more details see Terms & Conditions

Is it possible to purchase an extended warranty?

You may upgrade the warranty within the first thirty days of purchase

Do I have to pay for shipping for warranty repair if I live outside the United States?

International customers are responsible for all charges relating to shipping of any replacements part or system needing repair.

How often should I refill my ORIGIN CRYOGENIC Liquid Cooling Systems?

The cooling system will not require constant refills. The liquid within the reservoir should be above the halfway point never at the bottom of the reservoir.

Do I need to refill my Origin FROSTBYTE Sealed Liquid Cooling Systems?

The sealed systems do not require any refilling.

How do I recover my system with the ORIGIN PC system image disk?

  • First, insert the disc labeled WIN PE into the optical drive of your system.
  • Second, press F8 on your keyboard on boot till you get the select boot device menu and select your optical drive. The Windows recovery environment will load.
  • Third, remove the WIN PE disc from the optical and insert the image disc 1
  • Fourth, select the option "System Image Recovery"
  • Fifth, select use the latest available system image and click "Next"
  • Sixth, check the "Format and Repartition disks" box (if not grayed out) and uncheck only "Restore System Drives" box (if available), and click on "Next".
  • Lastly, click on "Finish" and next click on "Yes" to re-image your computer the process may take 30-45 minutes once complete click "Restart Now". The system will be re-imaged as it left the factory.

I have no sound coming from my speakers what should I do?

  • First, confirm you are connected to the proper speaker output if you purchased a sound card and are not using the built in audio make sure to connect the speaker to the soundcard not the onboard connection near the USB ports.
  • Verify the volume is not muted you may find the volume control on the lower right hand side with an icon of a speaker. Also make sure the volume or speaker used are not powered off.

I have no video signal what should I do?

  • Check all cable connections from your monitor to your system make sure they are not loose and properly connected.
  • Confirm that you are not connecting the monitor to the onboard video output and are connecting the monitor to the video card.
  • On the monitor make sure to change between the input sources, most monitors will have the feature for selecting the input that the monitor is receiving a signal from. Make sure you have selected the proper input.

Where do I download my video drivers NVIDIA / AMD?