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ORIGIN GENESIS Wins Best High-End Gaming Desktop for 2014 on Tom's Guide


Our Award-Winning GENESIS High-Performance Desktop has just won "Best High-End Gaming Desktop" of 2014 from Tom's Guide!

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ORIGIN PC: Getting Back To The Roots of Gaming PCs


Featured article and interview from on ORIGIN PC's company history and brand promise.

"I recently attended AirVenture 2014, the world’s greatest aviation celebration, and visited Saitek’s booth which used Origin PCs to operate flight sims and the Saitek’s flight sticks. While talking with Saitek’s PR rep in charge at the event, Monty Rimorin, he mentioned how much admiration the Origin PCs were getting among the attendees. After the visitors of the booth had asked all the questions they had about the Saitek flight sticks, they had to know what those machines were with the bright red O on the front of them.

I understand why. The Origin PCs certainly look pretty neat, which is important, and that caught the attention of a lot of booth visitors. That’s also what inspired me to write this article so that I could learn more about Origin PC myself. The more I look into Origin PC, the more I like what I see. Being the casual gamer that I was years ago, Alienware seemed like a name to trust. So, seeing that Origin PC is the product of three former Alienware employees who want to bring back a focus on customization, service, gaming, technology, and quality, makes me more confident in their product." 

- Andrew Stevens, Managing Editor from

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PC World Includes The MILLENNIUM Desktop In Their Coolest Gear List For 2014


PC World: Coolest Gear To Look For in 2014


"The case offers four different motherboard orientations, configurable side panels, a swappable front door, and the ability to transform from a midsize-tower to a full-tower Genesis to make room for even more components. This PC case actually evolves to meet your changing needs."

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Destructoid Reviews Our ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Desktop


"The Origin Millennium is one of the best gaming desktops I've ever used."

 " On the non-extreme setting on Fire Strike (ie the typical PC game benchmark), it hit a 99 percentile rating, and kept a consistent 100 fps rating. In other words, this will run anything on the market for years to come."

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PC World Reviews Our EON17-S


"When it comes to intensely immersive game-playing, Origin pretty much nailed it. The EON 17-S cruises through work, too, blazing through our WorldBench 9 benchmark to produce a score of 119. I write articles and wrangle giant spreadsheets for a living, plus edit vids on the side. The EON17-S juggles all that stuff without breaking a sweat."

- W. Bryan Hastings, PC World Writer