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Digital Trends Gives Our ALL-NEW ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Their Editor's Choice Award!

"One look at the Origin Millennium is enough to get any PC geek’s heart racing."

"Origin’s latest Millennium lives up to the high standards set by its predecessor. The system breaks performance records in several benchmarks, and also provides a new enclosure that’s more flexible and more spacious than anything offered before."


PC Magazine Gives Our EON17-SLX Their Editor's Choice Award!

PCMag Just awarded our latest EON17-SLX SLI Gaming laptop their editor's choice award! 

"With the Origin EON17-SLX outpacing the Alienware 18 with better numbers both in raw performance and gaming, the Origin EON17-SLX handily claims the title of Editors' Choice for high-end gaming laptops.



Designed and built from the ground up by ORIGIN PC, the all new GENESIS and MILLENNIUM desktop case redefines custom high-performance PCs with its aggressive industrial design and its exclusive patent pending feature, Variable Mounting. Variable Mounting is a breakthrough feature that allows the motherboard to be mounted in 4 different orientations: Standard ATX, Inverted ATX, 90 degrees or Inverted 90 degrees, and all inside a single desktop chassis design. 
Gone are the days where you have to move furniture around just to have easier access to your PC. With Variable Mounting, you can now choose the orientation that best fits your needs for the most efficient airflow or to admire the look of your internal components.  The 90 degree or Inverted 90 degrees motherboard orientations work best for air cooled graphics cards utilizing your system’s natural airflow to facilitate hot air rising up and out through the top of the case. An Inverted ATX motherboard orientation is perfect for liquid-cooled video cards showing off ORIGIN PC’s CRYOGENIC liquid-cooling blocks that would be naturally hidden if you used a standard ATX motherboard orientation. If you prefer the look of your desktop placed on the right side or on the left side of your desk, either way, the new ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM and GENESIS desktop case was designed to meet all of these different scenarios right from the start.  Even the front door can be customized to open either left or right.   
The new ORIGIN PC desktop case also gives customers the ability to convert from a MILLENNIUM (Mid-Tower) to a GENESIS (Full-Tower) by installing an optional bottom full-tower expansion kit to store additional dual 360mm radiators or up to 12 (3.5 inch) or 24 (2.5 inch) storage drives. Customers who purchase a new MILLENNIUM desktop system can always decide to upgrade later to a GENESIS full-tower by purchasing the bottom full-tower expansion kit separately from ORIGIN PC.

“Ever since ORIGIN PC was founded, our mantra has always been to offer the most customization options, the highest performance, and the best service/ support in the world.” said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder.

“We wanted to design and build a desktop case that was completely unique; not just for the ORIGIN PC brand, but also for the PC industry as a whole.” also said Richard Cary ORIGIN PC President and co-founder. “The PC industry has always revolutionized graphics cards and processing technology, but it has never truly revolutionized the actual desktop case design and its functionality since the past two decades. We strongly feel that our new desktop case design and its exclusive feature, variable mounting, was exactly what the PC industry has been waiting for. And with the ability to convert from a MILLENNIUM (mid-tower) to a GENESIS (full-tower), our desktop case is almost future proof with the amount of possible custom options it has!”


ORIGIN PCs GENESIS Desktop Wins Computer Shopper's Top Product of 2013

Computer Shopper has chosen our ORIGIN GENESIS as their best "Cost-No-Object" desktop of 2013! 

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Maximum PC Awards our ORIGIN GENESIS their KICK ASS Award!

"Think of it as a Dream Machine, but with an Ivy-Bridge-E Inside"

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